The Pumpkin Festival At Piglets Adventure Farm Review

If you’re looking to visit a pumpkin patch in North Yorkshire, then check out the Pumpkin Festival at Piglets Adventure Farm. Piglets is known as…


If you’re looking to visit a pumpkin patch in North Yorkshire, then check out the Pumpkin Festival at Piglets Adventure Farm. Piglets is known as one of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors with your kids – it’s the perfect place to create lasting memories. This magical local farm is located just off Towthorpe Moor Lane and is just a stone’s throw from the beautiful city of York.

Piglets have loads of activities for all ages. They have seasonal events and our latest visit to Piglets was for its famous Pumpkin Festival. Let’s have a look at what awaits you at Piglets Adventure Farm this Halloween.

Piglets Adventure Farm Pumpkin Festival

During the weekends of October and the week before Halloween, Piglets Adventure Farm has its famous Pumpkin Festival. The farm is decorated for Halloween and is the ideal place to have great fun for the full day during Halloween. It’s not just a Pumpkin Picking Patch – but you get to enjoy the whole park where you can do fairy trails, play in the indoor play barn, and have some hands-on animal fun this spooky season.

Pumpkin Picking

The main event for the Pumpkin Festival at Piglets Adventure Farm is the opportunity to pick your own perfect pumpkin. During The Pumpkin Festival, a large tent is built inside the farm animal area. You go through the tent to pick your pumpkin. Each child gets a free pumpkin with their child ticket – with the option to pay for more. 

Once you have found your perfect pumpkin, you pay at the desk in the tent – there’s even a pumpkin polishing station where you can give your pumpkin a wash if it’s a bit muddy. Then you can enter the pumpkin caving area. Carve out your pumpkin and put it in the Pumpkin Creche where it will be safely kept while you enjoy the rest of the fun at the adventure farm – come back and collect it before you leave!

We didn’t carve our pumpkin there because our toddlers were a bit young for that and ready to go home. 

The Mysterious Maze

Another top attraction at the farm is the Maize Maze. Over Halloween, this turns into the Mysterious Maze where you can have a thrilling adventure. During the Pumpkin Festival, you will be greeted by a witch who will invite you to join the ‘Gruesome Ghosts of York’ challenge. You have to navigate through the maze, uncovering clues and information about each ghost. Each ghost has a link to York – it’s a great way to have some fun while learning about a bit of York’s history. 

Our toddlers enjoyed exploring the maze and we let them pick the way. We ended up back at the entrance after about 30 minutes and decided to leave then as our children are only 2 years old and that was enough time for them! They each got a packet of Haribo for completing the maze!

Professor Dan’s Magic Show

There’s a magic show in the marquee twice a day. We didn’t go to this though as our children are a bit too young. Maybe next year!

The Bat Walk

Next to the Mysterious Maze, there’s a stage that features a Bat Walk (or catwalk), this is a great photo opportunity for your Halloween costumes, once a day there’s music played here and your child can show off their costume in front of everyone. 

The Normal Attraction At Piglets Adventure Park

You can still enjoy the normal attractions of Piglets. I’ve written about these in more detail in my Piglets Adventure Park Review post, but here’s a summary:

Trailer Tractor Rides:

The tractor rides at Piglets Adventure Farm are the star attraction. You can jump onto the trailer behind a blue tractor which takes you to the indoor play barn! 

Indoor Play Barn

There’s a large indoor sand pit, slides and ride-on trackers here for a bit of indoor fun. Also a cafe for the grownups! 

​Farm Animals

Visit the farm animals such as pigs, sheep, chickens, donkeys and more. There’s the Animal barn where you can get a closer look and even a Maternity Ward where you can visit piglets!

Animal Encounters

At Piglets Adventure Farm, you’ll have the chance to get up close with a variety of farm animals. From brushing a wild boar to meeting newborn piglets and guinea pigs. Plus, there are plenty of photo opportunities to capture these precious moments. We didn’t do the animal encounter as I’ve tried it before with my toddler and there was a bit of waiting so he got bored. It’s great for older kids though! 

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor adventure at Piglets isn’t limited to tractor rides and animal encounters. The farm also features a mini golf course, bouncy pillows, pedal ride go-karts, and a fairy trail in an enchanted forest. There’s also a lot of outdoor play equipment such as climbing frames, a zip line and big tractors to pretend to drive. 

The Beach

The beach is a great place to do a bit of digging and water play. Splash suits are required for this as it can get wet! 

Dining Options

After a fun day of activities, you can grab a bite at the farm’s onsite food stall. You can get pizza, toasties ice creams, as well as kids’ meals from the dining area. There was an extra food van there during the Pumpkin Festival which sold burgers and bacon sandwiches. 

The food is okay but it’s not amazing. There are plenty of picnic benches so you can bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

Ticket Prices and Operation Hours

The ticket price for Piglets Adventure Farm varies depending on the time of year. You should book online during the Pumpkin Festival to avoid disappointment (and get an online discount). We picked 10 am and we are so glad we did as were didn’t leave until 3:30 p.m. We could have easily stayed there longer!

These are the prices for 2023 Pumpkin Festival: 

CategoryPrice Range
Child (1-16 years)£12.95 to £16.95
Adult (17-64 years)£10.95 to £13.95
Concession (OAP 65+, Disabled Visitor, Carer, NHS, Blue Light, or Family Max Card)£9.95 to £12.95
Entry for Children Under 1’sFree
Prices of Piglets Pumpkin Festival


Piglets Adventure Farm is located at Towthorpe Grange, Towthorpe Moor Lane, Towthorpe, York, North Yorkshire, YO32 9ST, England. It’s easily accessible by car, but there’s no bus route that goes directly to the farm. Free parking is available onsite for both cars and coaches.

Fun for the whole family

The Pumpkin Festival at Piglets Adventure Farm is the perfect place for a family day out. From tractor rides to pumpkin picking, there’s fun for the entire family. So, pack your wellies and raincoats and prepare for a fun day out,

We had a lovely time at Piglets Adventure Farm Park and could easily make this our yearly Halloween Activity! It’s a wonderful place for kids and we had much fun in the pumpkin patches and the other activities such as the bouncing pillows and lovely fairy trail. 

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