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Piglets Adventure Farm – York

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about something York related – so here we go. Last weekend I visited Piglets Adventure…


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about something York related – so here we go. Last weekend I visited Piglets Adventure Farm in York with my parents. My parents love coming up and doing fun things with Leo and me!

It was a lovely warm day – but thankfully not too hot as I hate Leo being out in the sun too much. Piglets Adventure Farm is mostly outdoors – so it’s not one for a rainy day.

Is there parking at Piglets Adventure Park in York?

Parking was free and there were plenty of spaces. We did go during term time so I am unsure if parking is a problem on business days. We bought our tickets after waiting in a short queue. Tickets are cheaper on a weekday so it’s worth going Monday – Friday if you can. Next, we started our adventure.

First up – the animals! There are various animals such as pigs, rabbits, goats, ducks, donkeys, alpacas and guinea pigs. You can walk around to visit them and even reach over and pet them. The goats were especially fond of this. And my Dad. Leo didn’t really care. As you can see in the photo below – straight past the massive pig and off on his own adventure!

We had a walk around and saw the manmade beach. It’s actually quite cool! There are rock pools and it’s perfect for playing and makings sand castles. There are buckets and spades scattered about but you can also buy your own. There’s a snack hut which has a shop selling buckets, swimming items, hats, t-shirts and other beach-themed items.

There are also some beach huts which you can book for the day. This would be great if you had a few kids and could have a full day playing at the beach and the park. You could take a water cooler and have a picnic and have somewhere to keep your things and change your clothes after playing in the sand!

Leo wasn’t interested in making sandcastles. He just wanted to walk up and down along a grate near a tap that is there to rinse the sand off people’s hands and feet. He finds the most strange things he likes walking up and down or across.

We continued to walk and came to a section that had little plastic tractors that you could ride on. Leo was a bit young for this but I put him in one and pushed him for a bit. They have had another section that has bigger ones and pedals but you need to be over 3 to use those.

Next, we went to the park area and let Leo do a bit of exploring. Again, this felt a bit too old for him as he struggled to climb up on things and the slides were too big.

By this time, it was due to rain so we headed back to the car.

There are lots of things we didn’t see but next year we will take Leo and explore properly! He is at a bit of a difficult age where he just wants to walk around and explore and is too young to understand when we try and get them to do any activity!

I am really looking forward to taking him next year though.

Other things we didn’t explore:

  • piggy pillows
  • mini golf
  • fairy trail
  • assault course
  • nature trails
  • tractors
  • indoor play barn

We left because a thunderstorm was due and Leo needed a nap, otherwise, we would have stayed longer.

The Food

We were finished with the animal section just before midday and we decided to eat before it started to get busy. There was a food stall which sold pizza, toasties and a kid’s meal. The kid’s meal was a sandwich, crisps, jelly, a gingerbread man and either a fruit shoot or bottle of water.

They also sold a selection of crisps, snacks, and hot and cold drinks. I got a pizza and Leo had a cheese sandwich kids meal with water.

My mum is allergic to gluten and there was no signage around gluten-free options so she didn’t ask. It would be nice for this to be made clear as I think he just gets fed up about food. So she just had a coffee and some snacks she brought.

We sat outside on the benches, there were also a couple of huts you could eat inside too. There were some Ikea highchairs we could use. There’s also a option of taking your own food if you want to save some money.


The main women’s toilets were broken, so we had to go up to the gift shop to use those. There was a man changing a baby’s nappy on the changing table in the women’s toilets as there were no alternative facilities or any in the men’s.

Usually, there is a disabled and baby changing toilet. I am unsure if there was a disabled toilet, but the website says to let a team member know if you need access so there must be something hidden somewhere!


Everything is outdoor and flat so it’s easy to get around. Some of the play areas would not be accessible to wheelchair users as there are a lot of sand pits with ledges along with them.


Leo is 19 months old and I think he was a bit small to fully enjoy Piglet’s Adventure Park.

He’s still not able to climb and go down slides on his own, he doesn’t really understand the point in looking at animals. But he was happy to wander around and explore a safe place. We will take him again next year though when he’s older!

Where is Piglets Adventure Park?

It’s about 15 minutes from the centre of York.


Towthorpe Grange, Towthorpe Moor Ln, Towthorpe, York YO32 9ST


  1. I’ve heard great things about this place, both my sister-in-laws take their little ones and they love it!
    Amy x

  2. This place has always been on my radar to go to, we just haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’m sure Amelia would love it & I’m sure Leo will much more next year too! I didn’t realise the beach bit was so big! I’m sure it’d be an all day job for us as A absolutely loves getting involved (messy) in the sand.

  3. This place looks lovely! I’ve never heard of this place, it definitely looks like it would be a fab day out in the summer! The pizza also looks incredible!

    Courtney x

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