The Talbot Hotel: A Lunch Food Review

The Talbot Hotel is a foodie heaven in the heart of Malton, North Yorkshire. this 17th-century coaching inn has become a favourite destination of ours…


The Talbot Hotel is a foodie heaven in the heart of Malton, North Yorkshire. this 17th-century coaching inn has become a favourite destination of ours when we visit Malton. They offer exceptional food, cosy accommodation, and a warm welcome.

We have been to Talbot Hotel a few times now. For drinks, for an evening meal and recently, I went for lunch.

The Talbot Hotel Malton Decor


The Talbot Hotel stands in an elevated position overlooking fields and meadows that border the River Derwent. From the front of the hotel, it’s hard to below it overlooks such beautiful landscapes as it’s directly on a main road. I had to double check I got the correct place when I was researching for this review!

It’s close to the town centre and across the road from Talbot Yard, which houses local producers, including ice cream, roasted coffee, gin, organic meat, freshly baked bread, and French macarons.

Style and Character

The Talbot Hotel is furnished with a relaxed and stylish look. You can find velvet sofas and armchairs, pretty lampshades, bold fabrics, rush carpeting, wooden flooring, and interesting art on the walls making the space cosy and eclectic.


The Talbot is also a hotel, should you wish to stay in Malton. The attractive bedrooms in The Talbot have a gentle, eclectic, and boho look, with interesting and soothing colours on the walls, wooden four-posters, pretty lampshades, and country furniture. It’s also dog friendly and has a selection of accessible rooms with plenty of space and wet rooms.

The Talbot Hotel Malton - decor

Food and Drink

In the wood-floored dining room, with country tables and pretty china and cutlery, dishes such as steamed and creamed cockles, scallops, black pudding, sea bream, and chicken with spring vegetables and pistou hit the spot. Breakfast, which is well above average, includes hot dishes served at the table from a short menu, including delicious devilled kidneys, and fruits, cereals, pastries, and cheeses from the buffet.

The Malton Brasserie

The Malton Brasserie is the newest addition to the Talbot Hotel family, found inside the hotel in the former conservatory. It’s a light, airy, and contemporary room with its own sign and front door to the side of the Talbot Hotel. There’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff set the tone perfectly between laid-back and something rather more special than your usual quick lunch.

The Talbot Hotel Malton - Vegan Burger

The restaurant is dedicated to making an honest difference in the way they accommodate the town and its growing reputation for food excellence. The Malton Brasserie is even getting some of its produce from as close as about 30ft – across the road in the Talbot Yard Food Court are its ice cream, coffee, bread, and beer makers.


The Malton Brasserie’s menu features Yorkshire dishes but with a refined twist, offering unique dishes at the highest quality. Starters range from Yorkshire smoked duck Caesar salad to grilled Barnsley chop with smoked mash and salsa verde. The mains include 28-day dry-aged chargrilled sirloin steak with French fries and ‘Brasserie Bearnaise’ sauce, and fish goujons, chips, and peas for children. Desserts are generous and rich, such as the sticky ginger pudding.

Our Lunch at The Talbot

We went in around 1 pm for lunch here. When I had an evening meal previously, I really enjoyed it. So we popped in, got a table and I asked the bartender for a lunch menu and a kids menu.

The lunch menu is smaller than the evening menu and features brunch, small plates and everyday stables as well as sides. They also do afternoon tea.

You can view the dinner menu here.

The Talbot Hotel Malton Lunch Menu

The kid’s menu is separate and sells the typical children’s meals, with the choice of two or three courses. For Leo, I got the kids fish and chips and fruit salad for dessert. The portion sizes were fantastic on his fish and chips! He ate most of the fish but hardly any of the chips as there was a lot.

I ordered the vegan Moving Mountains Burger. I was quite impressed with the vegan selection as usually there’s just one option. The burger was delicious. It had lots of sauce on it so had lots of flavours and was very juicy.

The Talbot Hotel Malton vegan burger
The Talbot Hotel Malton Eggs Benedict

My mother-in-law had the Eggs Benedict from the lunch menu and that looked delicious, too. It was a good portion as well, often brunch can be quite small. I’ve had eggs Benedict in the past where it’s just been half the size as this and one egg.

Final thoughts on The Talbot Hotel

The Talbot Hotel is a foodie haven, with exceptional food, cosy accommodations, and a warm welcome. The new addition of The Malton Brasserie offers easy dining with huge punches on the menu. The hotel’s support of local producers and the town’s growing reputation for food excellence make it a destination for foodies. Don’t forget, it’s also dog friendly!

Address: Yorkersgate, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7AJ



  1. Wow, seems like a hidden gem in Yorkshire. As someone who visits Yorkshire a few times a year, I’m always on the lookout for charming accommodations like this. The combination of historical charm, modern amenities, and friendly staff is definitely appealing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience!

  2. The food looks delicious especially the vegan burger, and that’s fantastic they have a good selection of vegan dishes! I saw they have the vegan breakfast on the menu, and I definitely would want to try that!

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