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5 simple DIY garden ideas that make a big difference

AD | One thing that covid has taught us is how important it is to love your space! It really is a long term investment…


AD | One thing that covid has taught us is how important it is to love your space! It really is a long term investment to spend some money on your home and garden. We now spend more time at home than before. Rather than going out for meals, it’s much nicer to eat at home or invite friends over for a BBQ or meal at our house. You get to enjoy your own home, have all your home comforts and save money. I mean, it’s about £5 a pint in York these days!

It’s taken a long time for us to get our garden into a position where we love spending time out there. But we still do have a bit of work we want to do on it, but I’m happy with your progress so far!

Build your own decking

We built our own decking last summer. Well, when I say we, I mean my partner and his Dad.

My partner dug out the foundations and then his dad came up and helped build it once he had ordered the posts and decking wood. It was so much cheaper than paying someone to do it.

Luckily, his dad had all tools such as a woodcutter so we didn’t have to buy one. They managed to get it complete in a day.

Make your own flower beds

From the leftover decking wood, my partner made some flower beds from the front and back garden. I love them as they fit so well with the rest of the garden, it also saved us money as we already had the materials.

We have put flowers in one half and a herb garden in the other half of our DIY flower bed! It’s been so nice to have our own homegrown herbs to use rather than get them from the supermarket and hope they don’t die before we use them!

Invest in new furniture

To really enjoy your garden, you should invest in some luxury rattan furniture. We had normal chairs before but have recently bought some rattan furniture, two chairs, a table and a two-seater. It’s comfy, lightweight and looks much better than the old chairs we had before! I would love one of these Hammocks from Tropilex also. They look so comfy! I would love to spend an afternoon in that, reading a book!

Paint your shed

We decided to paint our shed in green shed paint. It just makes the whole thing look much more put together than having it the colour it came in!

My partner and his dad actually built our shed. They just got it ordered and then my partner painted it all before it was built, which is much easier than trying to paint it when it’s put together. It also meant we saved money on getting someone to put it together for us!

Put up bamboo screening

This is a project that’s still to be done. We are putting up some bamboo screening across our fence for privacy. The neighbours that share the fence with us have 5 children and they are outside all day. So we don’t feel like we have much privacy as they often peer through. A few weeks ago, they were throwing paint about and it came through the fence, all over our decking, furniture and on our clean washing which was drying, so we really are keen to get this bamboo screening up!

What DIY garden upgrades have you done?


  1. These are some fab tips! We’ve been getting little jobs done ourselves – we have some fencing to put in next xx

  2. Such a great idea, weโ€™d love to add some decking into our garden but I donโ€™t think weโ€™re at a stage that we could try it ourselves yet xx

  3. Painting on your own! So satisfying is’nt it? Gardening is my passion and I am always on the look out of DIY.
    I will look into your bamboo screening, never heard of that one before.

  4. Oo, your backyard garden ideas are easy and organized! Painting the shed makes a massive difference; something about a finished job is very satisfying.

    I love that you built your deck! We are currently hoping to put in a deck/porch and rattan furniture would find a good home on it. Since we live in the country, we do not have any close neighbors, but bamboo screening is an elegant way to get some privacy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The children sound like a nightmare, throwing paint when the fence has gaps in it and holes in the wood.

    I agree with you on the flowers beds. I love doing a bit of gardening and it transforms the garden too. Also, it’s much easier to dig out some dead plants and replace them when they are in a bed instead of in the ground.

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