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9 Disney baby gifts that aren’t tacky!

AD| I love Disney, so it’s only logical a Disney baby gifts post was coming! Remember all those years ago when I went to Disney…


AD| I love Disney, so it’s only logical a Disney baby gifts post was coming! Remember all those years ago when I went to Disney World Floria and Disneyland Paris? Seems like a lifetime away now, my life has changed so much since then.

Now I have a baby, I’m engaged, I’m a homeowner – like I am an actual adult. I can’t go around blowing all my savings on a Disney World holiday anymore!

Also, a lot of my friends are having babies also. So baby gifts are a recent thing I’ve been having to think about. As well as having friends with toddlers, too.

There’s a lot of Disney merchandise out there for baby and toddler presents. But a lot of it can be quite tacky in my opinion! I like presents that look nice and aren’t cheap and cheesy! Though the tacky stuff is great for young kids,. But if you’re wanting to give a Disney themed present for a baby shower gifts, or to decorate a baby’s nursery, or baby clothing – it needs to be tasteful.

Save all the tacky stuff for when the child is about 4 or 5. That is when they would love that bright coloured plate with a picture of their favourite Disney Princess on it!

Disney baby gifts can be quite expensive but there are lots of websites out there that sell them at reasonable prices and there are lots of personalised baby presents on Etsy.

Beautiful Disney Baby Gifts

Baby Yoda Lounge Fly Bag

Disney baby gifts very neko bag and lunch box

Very Neko sell lots of lovely items such as clothing, homeware, bags, purses, lunch boxes and more. They have a lot of Disney themed items. They offered to send me some products one of the things I picked was this Baby Yoda Loungefly mini backpack.

Obviously, Leo is a little too small for it yet, but once he gets toddling about he will be perfect for him. It’s a small backpack and will be great for him to take his lunch to nursery or to the park when he’s older. My partner is a big Star Wars fan so I’m sure Leo will love it also when he starts watching films!

There are lots of other Disney backpacks on Very Neko. Both in the mini and normal version. They’re suitable for adults too, so if you love a bit of Disney merch for yourself, then check them out!

Bamboo Toy Story Lunch Box

I also picked this Toy Story Lunch box as we are weaning Leo at the moment. It’s now one of my weaning essentials as we can use it to take food with us for Leo when we go out. We are going away for a few days next month so it will be great to take him a packed lunch for the beach and also a few bits of finger food when we eat out in case there’s nothing suitable on the menu!

There’s a few different styles of this lunch box, including this Little Mermaid one which I think is lovely.

I remember loving lunch boxes as a child, so these would make a great present for any Disney fan. Thanks Very Neko!

If you want to know how weaning is going for us, then read our first two weeks of weaning journey here.

Disney Magical Beginnings Thumper Book Ends

Disney baby gifts thumper book ends How cute would these look in a Disney themed nursery? Out of all the Disney baby gifts, I think this is my favourite! It would look lovely on a shelf in a baby’s room for all those bedtime stories!

Buy them here.

Girls Disney Bambi & Thumper Dress

Disney baby gifts bambi dress

I think this dress is stunning. It’s handmade out of 100% cotton! If you’re thinking of gifting clothes to a new baby,  consider getting them for when they are a bit older and also for the right season!

My baby was always in a vest and baby grow when he was first born, it was so much easier than faffing with clothes!

Check this dress out here.

Disney Nursery Print

Disney baby gifts disney wall art

I love this Disney nursery print! The classic Disney Mickey Mouse ears in beautiful flowers! You can get it customised with a babies name too. The shop is beautiful and really worth looking at what else the seller has for sale!

This is the pink version. There’s also a blue one here.

Personalised Disney baby sensory sets.

Disney baby gifts disney sensory set

Baby sensory is big right now! Baby sensory is a popular baby class to go to and these at-home kits are also popular. These Mickey inspired kits can be personalised with a babies name. There’s also a Minnie version for the little ladies out there.

Disney Princess Wall Art

Disney baby gifts frozen print

There are lots of beautiful Disney digital prints on Esty. Print yourself and frame for a lovely gift. I love this Disney Princess Watercolour set!

There’s also this Toy Story wall art set. I’m secretly hoping that Leo will be a Toy Story fan as I’d love to get him some stuff like this when we re-decorate his room. His room is currently a safari nursery, but when he’s older I’ll let him pick what theme he wants in his room.

Disney Storytime Collection Boxset

Disney baby gifts storytime collection

This box set of Disney storybooks is a great gift for any age. Even for a new baby – it’s something that can be saved for when they are a bit older.

We actually asked for books for Christmas presents. Even Leo was only 4 weeks old, we didn’t need anything for him but knew we would want some books eventually to read.

Reading to a baby from young age is a brilliant way to teach them new words and helps them out with their vocabulary. Even if they can’t speak yet, babies are like sponges and pick up all sorts! This is one of those Disney baby gifts that would be loved for years!

Disney Micky Soft Ring Rattle

Disney baby gifts micky teether

Leo has a Peter Rabbit one of these and it’s or of his favourite toys! When he first started holding things he was easily able to use them. They have little rattle balls inside so so they can hear it rattle. And because it’s soft, there’s no risk of them hitting themselves in their face.

You can get this Mickey mouse one or a Minnie version! These are perfect little Disney baby gifts!

Hope you like these Disney baby gifts and think they are as lovely as I do! I love Disney stuff! What’s your favourite Disney gift?


  1. I love your picks. I do think that there is a fine line between cute and kitch with some Disney bits. I prefer the more muted and understated bits when I buy for my neice and nephews.
    I love those sensory cards!


  2. Aw these are so cute! I think Disney is such a cute brand for babies but I’m glad you’ve chosen some cute, non-tacky products here 🙂 thank you for sharing x

  3. I love anything Disney related and Toy Story is my absolute favourite, so that lunch box is going straight on my wish list! They have some great gift ideas and love the variety of them x

  4. These are all such precious pieces! I love the Bambi and Thumper dress. I’ll have to find out if any of my friends with little ones would like something Disney like that. I know if I had kids I certainly would haha!

  5. Aww, love this list of cute Disney themed items and your advice on saving the more tacky stuff for more appreciative and older eyes. The Thumper book ends and storybook collection connect with me most; good stories are timeless!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. HELLO! Thanks for all your lovely comments! I tried to visit your blog but it kept opening loads of windows and crashing my browser! Help. Hope you are okay 🙂

  6. The book ends are beautiful. They would look gorgeous in my little ones nursery – which we are currently trying to sort! Really lovely gift ideas x Aimée

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