First week in our new house!

It’s been a week since we got the keys to our new house. It seems like such a long time ago as so much has happened!

Thursday night was so exciting, I was about to explode. On Friday I went to the gym in the morning to pass some time. I got home, showered and had dinner. Not long after that, I got the call to say I could go and pick up the keys. Traffic was a little frustrating, I was so keen to get there and unload the first few boxes of things, as well as be in the house on my own to be able to have a proper look around.

We moved everything else on Saturday. Getting out bed built in the new house felt amazing. Then it was like home!

We got our dining table on Monday. We’re getting or new sofas and ottoman next weekend! Then we just need to get bits and pieces, as well as decide how we are going to decorate. I quite like the white walls and clean, empty space though!

I love sitting at the table on my laptop. It’s probably where I’ve spent most of my time. It makes such a difference compared with sitting on the bed upstairs like I had to in the old house.

persimmon new build

persimmon new build

persimmon new build

persimmon new build

persimmon new build

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