I got engaged on Christmas day!

Christmas day was starting out like any other for us. The only difference is the cat was now part of our family. My boyfriend and I woke up, went downstairs, made coffee and opened presents. When we had finished with the gifts, my boyfriend and I said ‘the cat and I have one more gift’. He took her upstairs.

I expected him to come down with her in a Christmas suit because I kept joking I wanted to do that. But then she came in wearing a collar with silver ribbon on it. She strutted around the room then towards me.

Then I saw it.

It had a ring attached to it. I wasn’t sure what to think at first. Like, is this just a normal ring? I didn’t want to assume anything.

Then my boyfriend asked me to marry him.

I cried, naturally. Then I said yes!

We had the most perfect Christmas day, calling family on Facetime to tell them, then had a lamb Christmas dinner and watched a movie.

So yes, I am now engaged. I have a fiance. I am going to be getting married.

Dates to follow. Watch this space you’re all invited.

engagement story

engagement story

engagement story

engagement story

engagement story

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