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Cut and Craft, York

A few months ago, one of my Instagram friends posted a photo of their meal at a steak place in York. I’ve been dying to go ever since.

Cut and Craft is in the centre of York, it’s a steak house and sells craft beer, amongst other drinks.

You can’t book, you just walk in and hope there’s a seat. You can go to the bar if you need to wait. We were given a 15-minute wait. Initial thoughts of the place is were that it looked very ‘modern trendy’. It was packed and they were playing loud pop/chart music. This ruined the mood a little bit as it made it seem more like a Revolutions or Whetherspoons than a nice place to grab a steak.

I think this instantly lowered both of our expectations of what was to come.

We both ordered fillet, mine medium rare with popcorn sauce, while my boyfriend had rare with a blue cheese sauce.

It was actually delicious. I’ve had lots of steak and I can tell you, that was a good steak. My boyfriend agreed. I just wish there were a little peppercorn sauce and a little less loud music!

I also got a free glass of wine. To be honest, I don’t know what happened. I think the waiter thought we both asked for a new drink but I didn’t, but she told me just to keep it so he didn’t get in trouble with his boss and he wouldn’t charge us for it! So I drank two large glasses of Shiraz. Oops! I’ve quit drinking and have like one glass of wine a month with a meal out, but I wasn’t going to say no to free wine! I was a bit tipsy but thankfully not hungover the next day.

I’d go to cut and craft again, but probably not on a Saturday evening!

Cut and Craft, York

Cut and Craft, York

Cut and Craft, York

Cut and Craft, York

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