El Gaucho York Review (2023)

El Gaucho in York is an Argentine-style steakhouse that won’t disappoint. If you want to go on a Saturday – you need to book. We’ve tried before…


El Gaucho in York is an Argentine-style steakhouse that won’t disappoint. If you want to go on a Saturday – you need to book. We’ve tried before and were turned away. Last weekend we went on a Sunday afternoon.

El Gaucho York Steak Restuarant

About El Gaucho

El Gaucho is an Argentinian steakhouse located in York, England. The restaurant prides itself on serving high-quality, authentic Argentinian cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

At El Gaucho, you can expect to find a selection of premium cuts of beef, cooked to perfection on a traditional charcoal grill. They source their meat from local suppliers and strive to offer a memorable dining experience for steak enthusiasts.

In addition to their steak offerings, El Gaucho also serves a variety of other dishes inspired by Argentinian cuisine. This may include appetizers, seafood options, poultry dishes, vegetarian choices, and delectable desserts. The menu is designed to cater to a range of tastes and preferences.

The restaurant’s website, http://elgauchoyork.co.uk/, provides further information about its menu, reservations, and contact details. It’s advisable to check their website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their offerings, operating hours, and any special events or promotions they may have.

Whether you’re a fan of steak or looking to experience the flavours of Argentinian cuisine, El Gaucho in York aims to deliver an enjoyable dining experience with a focus on quality ingredients and excellent service.

El Gaucho York Mixed Grill

El Gaucho York Review

El Gaucho was actually empty so we decided to go and get a drink and go an hour later. We were still the only ones there when we went but we were quickly joined by others!

The restaurant has a rustic feel about it and as you can guess from its steakhouse description, it specialises in steaks and offers a variety of options from their meat grill. There are a few pasta, sides and salad dishes but I wouldn’t recommend this place for anyone who isn’t a meat lover.

Service is fast and you get lots of food, especially when it comes to the side orders. I picked chips and vegetables. For main, I got a mixed grill which was different meats and some salmon cooked medium-rare. Yum.

El Gaucho York

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