BrewDog York Reviewn (2023)

Brewdog York is one of my boyfriend’s favourite brands of beer. We have visited the bar in Leeds but they recently one opened on Micklegate…


Brewdog York is one of my boyfriend’s favourite brands of beer. We have visited the bar in Leeds but they recently one opened on Micklegate in York. We have visited a few times now.

Brewdog York reviewed by a York Blogger

About BrewDog

BrewDog is a craft brewery and pub chain that was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie in Fraserburgh, Scotland. The company quickly gained recognition for its innovative and unconventional approach to brewing and marketing craft beer. They brewed the UK’s strongest-ever beer which was banned in the UK. BrewDog’s mission has been to revolutionise the beer industry and challenge traditional norms by producing bold, flavourful, and boundary-pushing beers.

One of BrewDog’s notable contributions to the beer market was the introduction of its flagship beer, Punk IPA. This India Pale Ale (IPA) played a significant role in popularising the craft beer movement in the United Kingdom. BrewDog has since expanded its beer lineup to include a wide range of styles, including stouts, porters, lagers, and experimental brews.

In addition to its brewing operations, BrewDog has also developed an extensive pub network. They operate their own chain of bars, called BrewDog Bars, where they serve their own beers alongside a curated selection of guest beers. The company has pubs not only in the UK but also in several other countries, including the United States, Australia, and many European countries.

BrewDog has gained attention not only for its beers but also for its unique and often controversial marketing tactics. They have been known to utilise attention-grabbing stunts, such as brewing the world’s strongest beer at the time, releasing beers with provocative names, and launching crowdfunding campaigns to fund expansion projects.

They even opened a hotel called Doghouse in Ohio, and a beer museum.

BrewDog has made sustainability a core part of its business. They aim to reduce their environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices, such as using wind power for their breweries, investing in carbon offsetting projects, and reducing water usage. In 2020 it became the world’s first negative carbon brewery. During the pandemic, they paused making spirits and instead made 500, 000 bottles of hand sanitisers and donated them to the NHS.

BrewDog York

BrewDog York

BrewDog York serves a selection of BrewDog craft beers as well as some guest beers. They range in taste and strength with one being 16.5%! Of course, you can’t get pints of the higher-strength ones. They are sold in smaller glasses.

The bar has a rustic feel to it and plenty of seating, including booths in the front, the second area with tables and a third area with arcade games and 3 long tables. They brought in Pacman when we were there!

The atmosphere is always nice and calm. No loud music and they gave good service. They do sell food, but mostly pizzas. It’s more of something you would buy if you were already there and hungry rather than going there for a meal.

Really glad to have BrewDog York on our list of bars we go to regularly! You can view their food and drink menu here.

Our other favourites are Eagle and Child and Pivni.

BrewDog York video games
Brewdog York reviewed by a York Blogger
BrewDog York
BrewDog York


  1. Can you believe that I have not yet had the opportunity to taste craft beer? Where I live there is a place where they sell it too, this place that you show us has a peculiar, quite rustic decoration, with all those pinball machines reminded me of a chapter of the Stranger Things series.

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