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I love living in York, it’s a beautiful city. The only problem is that everyone else agrees that it’s a beautiful city. Everyone knows there are loads of cool places to eat and drink so on a Saturday, we get trainloads of people coming to drink and eat.

Which is great, but means a lot of our favourite places to drink are a no-go on a Saturday.

Last Saturday when we went out my boyfriend mentioned a place he wanted to go. So we went.

You can find it at the Enterprise Complex, Walmgate. It’s a hidden treasure and I’m pretty confident that you wouldn’t be able to find it by chance, making it a perfect place to go to get away from the tourists that usually crowd our favourite bars.

The brewery 7 cask beers on rotation as well and 9 keg beer lines and 3 cider lines.

If you’re ever in York and want to check out some of the local beer, then this is a place to visit!

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