Brew York // A Secret (2023)

Brew York has to be Yorks best-kept secret. I love living in York, it’s a beautiful city. The only problem is that everyone else agrees…


Brew York has to be Yorks best-kept secret. I love living in York, it’s a beautiful city. The only problem is that everyone else agrees that it’s a beautiful city. Everyone knows there are loads of cool places to eat and drink so on a Saturday, we get trainloads of people coming to drink and eat.

This is great but means a lot of our favourite places to drink are a no-go on a Saturday, we tend to hang around the edge of York and avoid those bars that are on the way to and from the station, as that’s where most of the ‘tourist drinkers’ go.

Brew York
Brew York

About Brew York

Brew York is a craft brewery in York, England. It was founded in 2016 by Wayne Smith and Lee Grabham with the goal of creating exciting and unique beers that showcase their passion for brewing.

Brew York has quickly gained recognition for its diverse range of beers, innovative recipes, and eye-catching can designs. They produce a wide variety of beer styles, including IPAs, pale ales, stouts, sours, and experimental brews. Their beers often feature creative flavour combinations, using a range of ingredients to produce interesting and memorable taste profiles.

The brewery takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and brewing techniques to ensure the best possible flavours in their beers. They focus on both traditional brewing methods and experimentation, allowing them to push the boundaries and create distinct brews that stand out in the craft beer market.

Brew York’s commitment to quality and creativity has been widely recognised in the industry. They have received numerous awards for their beers, including accolades from prestigious beer competitions such as the World Beer Awards and the International Beer Challenge.

In addition to its brewing operations, Brew York operates a taproom and brewery shop in York, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy their beers in a welcoming and vibrant environment. The taproom offers a rotating selection of their beers on tap, giving customers a chance to experience the full range of Brew York’s offerings.

Brew York

Our Visit to Brew York

Last Saturday when we went out my boyfriend mentioned Brew York and said it’s a place he wanted to go to. So we went.

Brew York can be found at the Enterprise Complex, Walmgate. It’s a hidden treasure and I’m pretty confident that you wouldn’t be able to find it by chance, making it a perfect place to go to get away from the tourists that usually crowd our favourite bars.

The brewery has 7 cask beers on rotation as well and 9 keg beer lines and 3 cider lines.

If you’re ever in York and want to check out some of the local beer, then Brew York is the place to visit!

Address: Unit 6, Enterprise Complex, Walmgate, York YO1 9TT

Want more places to drink in York? Check out my ultimate guide to York.

Brew York
Brew York
Brew York Brew York
Brew York
Brew York



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