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Confession time: I hate Autumn.

  So, I hate autumn. know this isn’t going to be a very popular post. Because almost everyone loves Autumn. Apart from me. Look, I…



So, I hate autumn. know this isn’t going to be a very popular post. Because almost everyone loves Autumn. Apart from me. Look, I did a Twitter poll to prove it:

I’m sad, lads. Really sad. Because I’m here clinging to the end of the summer like my life depends on it, all around me is joy and excitement about the season I hate the most. Depressing Autumn.

2016 (2)

I hate Autumn

There, I said it. I don’t like Autumn.

In fact, I kind of hate it.

Most people see beautiful colours, being wrapped up warm in a scarf with a chai latte.

Not me. I see dead trees, rain and driving to work in the dark.

Man, that’s depressing. Especially as a girl that likes to exercise outdoors. You might think winter is the worst for that, I find winter is cold and bitter – but not as wet. Plus there’s something really peaceful about running on a winter morning when the air is fresh and crisp.

I really hate the word ‘autumnal’, too.

You can blame Zoella for this one. But I’d never heard anyone use that word before she did. Then afterwards, it was like everyone was saying it. AUTUMNAL. Can’t we just say ‘autummy’? I like that word better. Even if it’s not in the dictionary.

I also love long summer days. I was painfully reminded of autumn when I woke up for work. It was still dark and I was confused. Surely I had more sleep time? Nope. 6 am. Get up. Next up is when the clocks change and it’s dark at like 5 pm. That’s the worst.

Let there be light.

The next terrible thing to happen is all those massive spiders start chilling like a villain in your house. They’re very big in 2016. Bigger each year. They shouldn’t even be called spiders anymore. Spiders 2.0. Animals. MONSTERS. Demons?

So there’s that to look forward to. I’ve got my hoover ready. One time last year, there I was worried was too big for the hoover. My housemate texted me saying ‘Are you nearly home, it’s an emergency.

Then I got home and there was this big Spider 2.0 Animal Edition on our bathroom ceiling. She was more frightened than me.

She videotaped me doing it as evidence in case we died and I swear you can hear its screams as it gets sucked down the hoover pipe.

So that’s another reason I hate autumn. Spiders.

The last reason I hate autumn is berry lipstick. Everyone wears berry lipstick and when I try, look like a right dickhead in it. I just can’t pull that off. I’ll stick to my standard lippy, k thanks. I’m just not autumnal like you.

I do like Halloween and Bonfire night, though. I think this is how the seasons should go:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Halloween on 15th September
  • Bonfire night on 16th September
  • Skip to December 1st for the Christmas Build up
  • Have New Years
  • Have 1 week of awesome snow
  • Skip back to Spring.

What would your perfect year look like in season?

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    1. I agree with all and every word of your text about odious autumn , your word is exactly reflecting my own feel about that nasty season(atumn means a death for every earthlings)

  1. I’m actually one of those people that love Autumn! But I see what you mean about the spiders, there are some huge ones at this time of year, eek! 🙁 Xxx

  2. THANK YOU for this. I always feel like such a weirdo every year when the entire internet starts fangirling over autumn, and I just DO NOT GET IT. I feel exactly the same as you: everyone else is banging on about crisp leaves and golden colours, but to me it’s a time of year when everything is dead or dying, and we basically start living in the dark. It’s all super-depressing to me, and I feel like a complete freak for feeling like that when everyone in the world seems to love it SO much, so I’m really glad to know I’m not quite the ONLY person in the world who doesn’t love it!

  3. I don’t agree, but I do see your point! Ha. I’m not looking forward to running outside though. That won’t be fun. I better buy a jacket! Danielle ||

  4. I have to admit…I dislike Autumn too! Now, I used to love Autumn before I moved to the UK, now I dislike it. At home it was leaves turning amazing colours, bonfires, hay rides and stuff like that, now it’s rain, rain and more rain. The rain has ruined the season for me and the leaves don’t change all the different colours. Mind you Scotland is beautiful but, I can do without the rain at times. Spring is more my season now with flowers and sunshine. I agree with your season schedule too, if only! x

  5. Great post! I don’t hate Autumn… but I have issues with it. Short days depress me, and I still fail to understand why most people seem so intent on rushing to the Next Season instead of savoring the one they are experiencing. Let summer linger for awhile so we have warm memories when it is cold and gray outside. For the record, Spring is my favorite season 😉

  6. I’m with you mostly – and like Kizzydoll – I used to live in America (New England), where Autumn (or even Fall as we call it sometimes) is just so dang pretty with the rainbow trees you can’t not love it a little. But in Scotland, meh, it’s just like, overnight the leaves are gone and it’s dark, cold and rainy(er). No amount of pumpkin spice lattes are going to jazz that up for me! I think it’s perfectly fine to not love Autumn, it just means Winter is Coming after all! ;-0

  7. I like Autumn, at least for the couple of days it’s crisp and bright other than that it’s miserable. I live in Scotland, it’s wet, windy, cold, damp and just generally miserable. Ideally I’d love it to be reasonably warm and dry most of the time with a few showers here and there, and decent snow for about a week. I’m definitely living in the wrong country :(((((

  8. Personally, as long as I have the clothes for it, I love each season. I do prefer the mid-seasons like Spring and Fall because I can layer. I love layered looks. Oh, and I DIED when you mentioned spiders. Bugs are the reason I dislike summer sometimes. I mean, I like summer because I feel like I can do more activities like extreme sports or hiking or whatever. But I hate the bugs that float around in the trees and by the river in the summer. Like fish flies and gnats and mosquitoes and shit? Not cool.

  9. I completely agree! I cannot stand Autumn, mainly because of the dead leaves that fall on the ground without ever getting cleared away. I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve nearly broken something after slipping the on the wet leaves. And don’t get me started on the spiders, I found three in my bedroom today *shudder*

  10. I wonder whether the responses to your poll might be different depending on what time of year you asked – for instance, if you put the poll up again in the middle of January, would people still say autumn was their favourite, or would they prefer spring or summer whilst we’re in the depths of winter? As for me, I always enjoy early autumn up to the end of September, but after that we can skip right ahead to April, please and thank you (maybe with a week or two of Christmas festivities!).
    Lx | Lightly We Go

  11. I don’t think I hate autumn, but we have a love/hate relationship. I love the colours, I love the over-priced speciality drinks, but I hate the dark mornings, I hate how the weather can’t make up it’s mind and you have to go to work with sunglasses, umbrella, coat, sandals AND boots in your bag, just incase the weather does a 180 come hometime!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  12. Haha love your brutal honesty – I actually completely see your point especially because there was a MASSIVE spider in my bedroom last night and also because it was dark when I left work tonight 🙁 not cool. Totally love the idea of skipping to December 1st cause that’s my birthday haha!
    Amy xx

  13. I hear you on those long summer days! I hate seeing summer end and I never look forward to autumn knowing that winter comes right after and I’m not a fan of the cold.

  14. Yours is the second I hate Autumn post I’ve come across and I’m baffled!! 😉 It’s my favourite, partly for that back-to-school feeling, but also because it’s the only season where the weather doesn’t disappoint me – it’s meant to be vaguely rubbish and it is! In summer you’re waiting for lovely days all the time and only get them occasionally, and in winter I’m praying for snow!

  15. Thank you! I really don’t get the appeal of Autumn, it depresses me when the days start getting shorter and colder. I don’t understand why other people are so bloody happy about it. I agree with your ideal year. Minus the week of snow. Because I don’t like that either. Yeah. I went there. 😉

  16. I like all the seasons. I like the Autumn because the leaves are turning yellow and there are many things to celebrate (anniversaries with the hubby and my name-day, our birthdays). I like Winter because we have Christmas and NYE and the new year. I like Spring because it gets warmer and the Summer because there are lots of flowers (not very happy on the temperatures though).

  17. I’m with you I don’t like the wet or cold. I much prefer the hot weather and so do my bones which creak. You need to get a lumi light if you don’t already have one Lucy x

  18. I absolutely love autumn but I can see your point. I love dark, rainy days and spiders don’t bother me at all. I guess I am cliche in that. The only thing I don’t do is wear berry lipstick. I’m very pale and it just doesn’t work with my skin tone!
    Kiersten @Autumn Country Girl

  19. Love this post – I just read your ‘how the year should go’ to my husband because I am in total agreement (apart from keeping September 30th as it’s my birthday!). What I dislike most about Autumn though is the Pumpkin Spiced Latte hysteria. Every time I see it mentioned my eyes roll so far back in my head they almost disappear.

    Faye x

  20. I’m sorry, but I’m one of those annoying people who LOVES Autumn and Winter. I spend all of Spring and Summer pining for them, counting down the days till my favourite seasons are back. I love drawing the curtains as soon as I get in from work, slipping on my pjs, starting up a fire and curling up with Netflix. I also love the word ‘autumnal.’ Soz… xx

  21. I don’t not like autumn, I just hate the way everyone harps on about it likes it’s the BEST THING EVAH and goes on and on about it. Yeah I get it ok . . you like snuggling in a blanket by the fire with a psl (see I know what that stands for now haha)! The nights drawing in are the worst, there’s just something so beautiful about it staying warm (ish) and light till 10pm in the summer, it makes the days so much longer and more productive! xx
    Amy at Amy & More

  22. I am so glad to have read this. I literally just Googled: “I hate autumn it’s so depressing” and found this site. I needed to see if there were others like me because, exactly like you said, the world makes you feel like a freak if you don’t love it.

    I am actually ok with spiders (now, don’t pull the “you’re a freak” thing on me — no fair. it’s not the most popular stance, I know, but just let me be me), but I agree with your other points, right down to “autumnal.” shuuuudddder. “Autummy” it is for me from now on — or would be, if I were ever going to refer to this wretched season affectionately.

    I, too, am ok with winter. Or more ok with it than I am with autumn, I should say. I live in Chicago, where winter is actually brutal, but the snow makes everything brighter so it doesn’t seem as oppressive, and strangely, when it gets super cold it seems like the days are usually pretty sunny vs cloudy. Plus, snow is always kind of a novelty, even when you see it year after year. I mean, it’s frozen water up to your mid-shin, everywhere you go, so that wins points right there, just for being interesting. Also, everyone is walking around bundled-up and looking goofy. No beauty contest there! The goal is to stay warm above all things and the pressure to be cute is off. Screw you, adorable layers and sweaters and scarves and leggings and suede boots! And yes — gaaahhhh! — berry lipstick.

    Also, I have always hated jackets. Sounds weird, even to me, because — who hates jackets? What even is that? But they just bug me, and it seems like everyone has about seven in their repertoire and I have exactly one and am not even that crazy about it. But I’m never motivated to shop for a fall jacket because I hate fall jackets. Do you see what’s happening? I find fall dressing to be a chore. I’m either over- or under-dressed, warmth-wise, in autumn way more than in any other season.

    I could go on, but why? You already know.

    Thanks for being there, webladies.

  23. This post made me laugh so much! It is SO TRUE! I hate it too. 🙁 Loving your new season layout- sounds ideal to me, now who can we pitch it to? 🙂

  24. Late to the party here but stumbled upon your article when I Googled to find out if I am the only one who hates the season of darkness and death. Thanks for helping me not feel alone!

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