My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

AD| It’s hard to believe I used to be a runner. I’ve ran half-marathons and done plenty of races. Running a 10k was straightforward for…


AD| It’s hard to believe I used to be a runner. I’ve ran half-marathons and done plenty of races. Running a 10k was straightforward for me. But things changed. Firstly, I discovered and fell in love with weight-lighting and my training shifted towards that. And secondly, I had a baby. My fitness hasn’t been great since having Leo. But I’m now equipped with running clothes for the winter so I can sort myself out.

This is heavily motivated by a certain wedding I have to attend in April. I have about 12lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight which I really want to do. Otherwise, I’m not going to the wedding. Which will be a shame, seeing as I am the bride.

I have just bought a running pram which should be delivered early January (it’s been delayed!) and Adidas have supplied me with some running clothes for the winter. I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve bought some training clothing so it felt exciting to be able to kit myself out.

Check out what I picked last time I worked with Adidas!

running clothes for the winter with Adidas stack

My winter running clothes

I’m so excited to show you my winter running kit! Here’s me showing off some of the items, I’m just missing the pram now! Although my partner has broken up for winter now so I’m hoping I can get a few runs in here and there.

I got some pieces of clothes intended for winter running and I few that I could change in after the run. Just having a showing and changing into some comfortable clothing after a run is the best feeling!

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

Now let’s see what items I got:

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

Let’s start with the running trainers. I picked these Run Falcon shoes as I wanted something a bit different from what I usually go for. These running shoes have great cushioning and are great on different surfaces, which is what I want as I plan on running by the river and it can be a bit uneven down there.

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

I picked three tops. One long black longsleeve top and two short sleeved top (one in red and one in green).

The black top is made with 50% recycled polyester, which I love! It’s got such soft material and I can’t wait to wear this on colder days when my arms need a lot of protection. I get quite hot when exercising so I usually don’t wear sleeves unless it’s really cold!

The other two t-shirts are your every day cotton tee. It will be great for running in or great for wearing day to day. I wear leggings and a t-shirt when I take Leo to baby gymnastics, so will wear these a lot for then.

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

I bought the black Farm Rio Feel Brilliant Areoready leggings to go out running in. I love the high-rise waist pannel. I thought it was a leopard print pattern but it says Adidas! The logo on the side of one of the legs is also really cool. I like how they’re black, so feel ‘safe’ for me to wear, but have some detail that makes them stand out. These leggings are a massive 89% recycled polyester! They’re also moisture absorbing so ready to absorb any sweat.

I got these leggings with velvet stripes to wear around the house. I thought they would be comfortable and look nice with a black top on those days I just want to lounge around. The red joggers are also purchased with comfort in mind. They’re slim fitting and 48% recycled polyester.

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas gloves

I went for a walk recently and it was so cold on my hands, so I decided that I really needed some running gloves! These’s Aeroready Warm Gloves help you stay warm while absorbing any sweat to keep your hands dry. They’re 84% recycled polyester.

My new running clothes for the winter with Adidas

I selected a blue hoodie and a black one. The blue hoodie is a smaller fit. It’s so comfortable and fleece lined. This is the hoodie I’ll wear to start my run in. I always start with a layer on during a winter run and then get too hot and take it off after about 10 minutes. Another bonus of the running pram is that I’ll be able to put it in the bottom rather than tying it around my waist. Made with 30% recycled polyester fleece and including a kangaroo pocket, what more can you want?

The black hoodie is a larger fit (they’re both medium) but this feels a size bigger – the name is ‘oversize hoodie’ so I guess that’s why. Anyway, this is what I plan to lounge around the house in after a run. I thought the black would look good with both the leggings and joggers I picked. This is made with 30% recycled polyester French terry fabric and feels super soft.

Do you like my new running clothes for the winter and my cosy clothes for warming up after my runs?


  1. All the running equipment you got from addidas is stylish and I know it must be super comfy. I just got my new addidas running shoes last week and they are fantastic! I sm a huge fan of this brand since it has never dissapointed me. I do need some new t-shirts though. Good thing you reminded me of that. Thank you!

  2. I admire that you are running on a cold day in winter. I was never into running as I prefer weight training or things like self-defence (what I’m doing now). Those running prams look so nice, I’ve seen a couple and I am very impressed on how techy they are, not that I make any difference between prams though. :))
    Well done for runing and I hope you’ll enjoy this lovely set of clothes from Adidas.

  3. It is interesting to see how one’s fitness goals and exercise faves change over time. I have always wanted to take up running but have never found the right time to start. I love that the time is now for you and that you have equipped yourself with some stylish and practical clothing to start with.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all your picks! I recently bought my self an adidas get up! To wear in the gym. You can’t knock their quality . Love the black outfit x

  5. Oooh what a fab Collab again! I love what you’ve picked out. I love both the hoodies especially. I’m hoping to get out running again soon. After Christmas though obvs. Haha.


  6. Oooh some amazing options here, this has reminded me I need to invest in some new workout gear! What you’ve picked looks super comfy to!

  7. You look amazing Corinne! I really love what you picked, Adidas is my go to for fitness gear and any of their leggings are also great for everyday wear. Those shoes look and sounds so comfortable and perfect for different terrain! Can’t wait to see your journey and the running pram x

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