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20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas

AD| The season to get cosy is here! As I type this, it’s chucking it down with rain outside so I’m planning on wearing cosy…


AD| The season to get cosy is here! As I type this, it’s chucking it down with rain outside so I’m planning on wearing cosy clothes and staying in the house all day. I love rainy days when you don’t have to go outside!

Adidas recently got in contact with me to see if I would like to try some of their clothes. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I LOVE Adidas and fitness clothing! I have a whole fitness blog, after all. But rather than going straight to the workout clothes section, like I normally would, I decided to do something a bit different.

Fitness and exercise are still hold a absolutely massive place in my heart, but the truth is that I don’t have much time to spend in the gym as I normally would. Since having Leo, I probably do about 2 or 3 sessions in my home gym each month. Which is nothing compared to my 6 workouts a week pre-baby.

I have lots of gymwear already, so I decided to explore some of the other options. As I now blog full-time, I spend my days at home. Apart from taking my baby swimming and to the gymnastics, I tend to be at home. I’ve been spending more time in leggings than normal and now the colder days are coming, I wanted to pick some cosy clothes to help me get cosy this winter.

20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas

Here’s what I picked.

First, I went to the sweatshirt section as I knew I wanted a jumper to throw on when it got cold. I picked out this Adidas essentials 3 stripe jumper in victory crimson. I ordered a size M which is a size 12-14 according to the size guide but I did feel like it was a bit smaller than that. I exchanged it for a size L (16-18) and it fits me so much better! The smaller size was a bit skin tight, like you could see my bra lines though it. It’s a perfect fit now and this jumper is so soft and it’s made from 36% recycled polyester!

I also ordered some joggers to help me stay cosy and comfortable while at home. I went for the hyperglam high-rise joggers in carbon. I’ve not had any joggers like this for years and they are amazing! Again, I got these in a M and I like how they fit me and these are much more true to size compared with the sweater.

Just like the jumper, they are lined with fleece and it feels so soft on your legs. These cosy joggers are cuffed at the bottom to help keep your all snug on those cold days and would be perfect to wear on a walk to the park with Leo, or to put on after swimming in the winter. I could even still wear them in my home gym in the winter months over some leggings. It gets so cold in there and I often need to layer up until I’ve warmed up.

Again, these are made form 30% recycled polyester so if you’re mindful of sustainability – these are perfect.

Shop the look..

20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas
20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas

The items in this outfit are both cosy, but good for working out in. I actually took this photo when we got back from gymnastics. Although it is just baby gymnastics, you don’t half have to throw these babies around a bit! There’s lots of moving around, picking them up, rolling with them so comfortable clothes that you can move in are a MUST for this.

The Feelbrilliant Designed To Move legging aboustley fit the assignment. I got these an in a size M and they fit me great. They high wasited which I NEED after having a baby as I still have a bit of a pouch! I would be able to wear these at the gym (as in my gym -not the baby gym!) and they’re also good for just wearing around the house or doing every-day tasks. They’re soft and comfortable and these ones 75% recycled polyester.

I was tempted to get a workout vest to go with these leggings, but I have so many workout vests and tried to stick to my goal to get products that I could wear on a more regular basis. So I found this Loungewear Essentials Tee and I fell in love with the gold paired with the burgundy.

Again, I got a size M and this tee is perfect for a casual look. I can pair with with my joggers or leggins or even put it with some jeans if I’m going out. Its very comfortable and I think it looks quite stylish, too.

I also got some Nizza Shoes in core black. I have a few pair of trainers, but they are workout trainers. These are more casual and great for slipping on when I’m going to the supermarket or running errands throughout the day. A classic canvas shoe that’s super comfortable.

Shop the look..

20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas
20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas

Now, can we talk about the star of the show? Little Leo! Once I discovered the kids section, there was no stopping me. I had to get him something! I fell in love with the Badge of Sport jogger set as it’s in the same colour as the tee and sweater that I picked for myself. And yes, we did go to baby gym twinning! I loved very second of it.

I got it in size 9-12 months. I would say the sizing is pretty fair. Baby clothing can very so much and this is a bit baggy on him at 10 months old but it’s better than being too small! It fits him the same as most other clothes that size. This soft jogger set is great for lounging around the house, as well.

They’re not pictured, but I also bought some Sliders for me and I love them. I always steal my partners. They’re great for slipping on when you’re nipping out to take the bins out or put the washing out. Or if I need to grab something form the garage. Size up on these as they run small!

Leo’s set and my Sliders…

20 ways to get cosy this autumn ft. cosy clothes form Adidas

I’m really happy with everything I picked. I love how these clothes are comfortable, cosy but also practical. They look great and when I’m wearing them I feel good. Rather than feeling like a bit of a slob in your comfy clothes, these are something I’m happy to lounge about in and even nip out out the shop!

Let’s look at some other ways to get cosy this winter.

20 ways to get cosy this winter.

  1. light a scented candle
  2. cosy up in blankets
  3. use lamps instead of main lights
  4. swap your duvet for one with a higher tog
  5. hot chocolate!
  6. read a book
  7. have coffee in bed
  8. fresh bedding
  9. cook comfort food like a stew or roast
  10. bake something sweet
  11. have a bath
  12. catch up with a friend on Facetime
  13. a glass of red wine
  14. wear fluffy socks
  15. oversized jumpers
  16. watch a movie
  17. have a lie in
  18. listen to the rain
  19. style a cosy photo for Instagram
  20. play an instrument

How do you get cosy during the colder months?


  1. Hi Corinne,

    It’s weird, I always think of Adidas when I need sports kit but not for comfy clothes around the house. How silly! Inspired by your review I’ll take a look – at the very least they might make some great Christmas presents.

    Love the Top 20 ways to get cosy. Although being completely devoid of any musical talent I’ll skip #20 and have another #5 πŸ™‚

  2. Leo’s outfit is SOOO cute! He looks like the most adorable little cherub. I love the things you picked. I worked with Adidas earlier in the year and the cropped hoodie I picked out from them has become one of my most worn items!

  3. congrats on the adidas sponsored post!! the set is super cute and looks so comfy – perfect for this time of year.

  4. I love the burgundy on you and how cute are you with the coordinating outfits! So adorable – great cosy and comfortable pieces for autumn! πŸ™‚

    Hope your week is going well so far πŸ™‚ It’s a rainy one here!

  5. My husband treated me to a very snuggly blanket this time last year (or it might have been closer to Christmas) but it’s my perfect “snuggle on the sofa on a cold day” blanket lol. I also love my FoxyWings Jumper (printed by NeonMarl on behalf of FoxyWings) it’s so snuggly and comfy. Perfect for chilly days. Trackies aren’t my go to but a good snuggly jumper is always welcomed in my wardrobe.

  6. These are such comfy and cute athletic clothes for the Fall. I love the color burgundy, it’s perfect for this season.

  7. The twinning is absolutely adorable! & The colors are so fitting for this time of year, makes the look extra cozy in my opinion. Many of the 20 things to get cozy always *magically* appear on my to-do list to get sorted at the beginning of Fall. Now the list has gotten a little longer with the ones you mentioned that I wasn’t already doing.

  8. Absolutely in love with your matching outfits! You both look amazing in the pictures!! I really love Adidas clothing, so need to check out the fleece-lined ones for the colder weather coming in x

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