So Susan Highlighter Crayon Review

I’ve been using this So Susan Highlighter Crayon alongside it’s buddy, the So Susan Highlighter Pencil, as part of my daily makeup routine. Between the…


I’ve been using this So Susan Highlighter Crayon alongside it’s buddy, the So Susan Highlighter Pencil, as part of my daily makeup routine.

Between the both of them, they give my complexion a bit of extra boost – leaving me looking bright and giving me a bit of a glow. Even better – it only takes a minute to apply. Perfect for lazy humans like me.


About highlighter crayons

Makeup highlighter crayons are a type of cosmetic makeup product designed to achieve a highlighted and luminous look on the skin. They typically feature a creamy or balmy texture that contains light-reflecting pigments or pearls, creating a radiant finish when applied to the skin.

These crayons are applied to specific areas of the face—such as cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose—to add a touch of shimmer and dimension, resulting in a natural and subtle glow. The crayon format allows for precise application, often used with finger blending or makeup brushes. They come in various shades to suit different skin tones and offer an alternative to more intense powder or liquid highlighters.


About So Susan

So Susan is a cosmetics brand known for its cruelty-free makeup products. So Susan offers a range of makeup items that emphasise bold and creative colours, high-quality ingredients, and eco-conscious packaging. The brand is committed to cruelty-free and vegan practices, ensuring their products are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

So Susan takes an artistic and playful approach to makeup, often using vibrant and unique colour combinations that encourage users to experiment and express themselves creatively. Their innovative packaging designs, such as book-shaped palettes, stand out in the industry.

The product lineup spans face, eyes, and lips, featuring blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, and lip products. Notably, So Susan offers the “Color Curate” monthly subscription service, delivering curated full-sized products to subscribers, fostering experimentation and surprise. The brand places emphasis on ingredient quality and safety, often incorporating skincare-enhancing components.

Operating primarily online, So Susan maintains an active online presence, and they’ve shown commitment to social responsibility through charitable initiatives.

So Susan Highlighter Crayon

So first of all, you might be wondering why I need two highlighters. I use them in different ways, that’s why! The first one I blogged about is a pencil which I use down my nose and cupids bow.

This crayon stick is a much smoother product and perfect for highlighting under the brows, chin and forehead. I also use it under my eyes to get rid of those bags.


You can also use it down your nose, as I did with the pencil version, but I find the pencil works better for this.


INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS : ethylhexyl palmitate, ceresin, beeswax (cera alba), talc, polybutene,  microcrystalline wax (cera microcristallina), salvia hispanica (organic chia) seed extract, hydrolyzed silk, phenoxyethanol [+/- (may contain/peut contenir) mica, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), D&C red no. 7 calcium lake (CI 45410), D&C red no. 7 ca lake (CI 15850:1)]

As well as being cruelty free, there’s other benefits of this highlighter, including:

• No Mineral Oils
• No Phthalates
• No Parabens
• With Organic Chia Seed extract to help moisturize skin
• With Silk Peptide to promote suppleness
• Fragrance Free
• Hypoallegenic
• Non-comedogenic

So Susan Highlighter Crayon Review

As you can tell, I’m a fan of both the highlighters and think they complement each other well. If you were to just buy one of them, I’d recommend this crayon over the pencil though, as the pencil might be too hard for areas such as under the eyes, chin and forehead.

I’ve not had much experience with highlighter crayons and pens before – the ones I’ve used in the past have been in liquid form, such as Benefits High Beam and the Me Me Me Beat The Blues highlighter, but these is my favourite to date for sure.

so susan highlighter crayon
so susan highlighter crayon

What highlighters do you recommend?

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  1. How I love a good highlight. I actually have this but haven’t got round to using it yet, so I must give that a whirl today. I love a super highlighted look so MACs Soft and gentle is my go to. x

  2. Becca highlight is great this one has organic chia seed extracct just by the ingredients I want to try i t.

  3. I really do need a decent highlighter and I haven’t heard of this brand before so I’m going to give it a try- thank you Corinne!

    Emma Emma’s Bookery

  4. The best highlighter I’ve tried to date is one called High Lights which I bought off amazon – it is definitely a copy of the similarly named Benefit product but it’s actually really nice and a fraction of the price. I am considering buying another bottle since I went to look it up to check what it was called!

    Paula –

  5. It looks lovely on you! I haven’t heard of the brand before but I like the crayon idea – makes it easy to apply 🙂

  6. I never tried highlighter crayons before but this sounds like a really good one! I wanted to try Collection highlighter but it’s so hard to find here in Canada.

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