What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate. Wednesday

Woo. I’ve recently become obsessed with the food related tags on Instagram. I’ve also always been obsessed with reading blogs about with what people eat so I thought I would do my own What I Ate Wednesday post.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy the past few weeks. When I came back from Florida, I wanted to lose weight cuz I’m so fatz and started to diet. It wasn’t really working well for me and I found myself cutting calories too much in an effort to lose the pounds. I would lose 2lbs one day and be up 4lbs the next. Scary. Sad. Unproductive. Death.

This type of behaviour can turn into a nightmare for me and I can very easily get obsessed with counting calories and severely restricting my body of what it needs to function, resulting in me feeling tired, hungry and my mood crashing. I can go downhill pretty fast and my mindset was going that way, so well done Corinne for taking a stand against the negativity that was going on inside your head. It’s not easy.


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