5 Reasons I Leave Your Blog and Never Return

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Last week I received an e-mail from a reader asking for me to look at their new blog and send some feedback.

I had a quick peak, but a few days later when I sat down to look again and reply to the e-mail, the blog had been deleted. Full of ideas, I decided to turn some of those thoughts into a blog post.

I read a lot of blogs. Like, A LOT OF BLOGS. I don’t want TV because it’s just not interactive enough for me. If I do watch something, I’m probably streaming it one one computer and reading blogs on the other. There are many different types of blogs that I love and enjoy reading, although some do have things that niggle at me.

I thought I would do a ‘turn around’ post on blog tips, and do a post around things that will make me probably never come back to your blog.

That’s a bit extreme, Corinne.

In all honestly, these don’t make me think things like I’LL NEVER COME BACK, but I kept that in the title. In the name of drama. I’m a diva, you see.

These are more things that I wish were different about your blog to make my experience on your site better, smoother, and to satisfy my curiosity.

Blog tips: 5 things that niggle me about your blog.

1. You have huge chunks of text. Like, your paragraphs are massive, man. And they don’t really stimulate me much. If you’re going to type a lot, you need to entertain me. Say something clever, something I don’t know, something inspiring or funny. Shock me, if you must. But it needs to grab me within the first sentence or two, other wise I probably won’t read it. Otherwise, keep it short, choppy, to the point and easy to skim read.

2. I can’t find your follow buttons easily. If I do a little squeal of delight when I first read your blog, I’m probably going to want to stalk you a bit on twitter, instagram and follow you on Bloglovin at the very least. Please keep your follow/social media items above the fold (this means, in view without me having to scroll down) so I can easily access them and stalk you forever.

3. I can’t find a picture of you. LET ME SEE YOUR FACE. Please, I want to see it so I know who I’m talking to. It makes it much easier for me to relate to you and feel like I know you.

4. A/S/L? I like to know your age,sex and location please. I can probably guess your sex, but I like to know how old you are and where you live because I’m nosey. I do realise that this actually does make me sound like a stalker, but honestly, I’m not. I don’t want to know EXACTLY where to you live, but at least give me an idea of if you are English/Yorkshire/American etc! It’s fun to know if you leave near me, or if you live somewhere I’ve been or am familiar with - it’s something I’m likely to comment on to spark up a conversation. Same goes with your occupation, if you’re job is something similar to mine, or something I’m interested in, please share. It give me a starting topic to build a conversation with you.

5. You sound too formal. I like your personality to shine through your writing. Nothing turns me off more than blog posts that seem more like a magazine article. While I do understand the temptation to seem professional, it’s not original. Tell me a joke, please. It’s fun to be silly. The easiest way to let your personality shine through is to imagine you are typing to one of your friends, rather than the anonymous internet.

As you can see, most of the things that bug me most about blogs do not require much technical ability at all, they do not insist you buy a top notch camera and spend hours and hours working on your HTML skillz for a sleek design.

None of that matters, really.

At the end of the day, I just want to get to know you.

Make it easy for me to relate to you, make me smile, make me feel connected to you and I’ll gladly come back. DSLR camera or not.

I realise that some people don’t like to share photos of themselves or their locations, but if that’s the case with you, you’ll just have a think of another way to woo me ;)

What’s your biggest blog bugbear?