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Agility York is a ninja-style indoor playground that provides a range of fun and engaging activities for children and families. It’s fun for both children…


Agility York is a ninja-style indoor playground that provides a range of fun and engaging activities for children and families. It’s fun for both children and adults. It has soft play areas for babies & toddlers, obstacle courses, and fitness facilities. Agility York is a great place for parents seeking a safe and enjoyable environment for their children to play, learn, and socialise.

I have been to Agility York with my son a few times this year and though it was about time I wrote a review about it. We have been to both Agility Tots and Agility Mini, as well as had drinks in the cafe.

Toddler Climbing Agility Mini Course at Agility York

What is Agility York?

Agility is a state-of-the-art indoor fitness park that caters to children of all ages. The facility offers a diverse range of activities, including:

  • Agility Tots: Drop-in activity sessions for preschool children, featuring unlimited use of the ninja park, mini ninja obstacle course, racing slide, and Agility Mini.
  • Ninja Course: Challenging obstacle courses for 5–11-year-olds, used for Agility Tots first thing in the morning.
  • Warrior Course: Challenging obstacle courses designed for older children aged 12+ and adults.
  • Agility Mini: A dedicated play space for children up to 3 years old, complete with slides, climbing walls, building blocks, and more.
  • Sensory Room: This is inside Agility Mini and is a calming and immersive environment designed for children with sensory processing needs.

Agility York also has an on-site café, The Shack, which offers a range of delicious food and drink options for visitors to enjoy.

Opening Hours and Prices

Agility York is open seven days a week, with the following operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am to 8 pm

Please note that Agility Tots is only available Monday – Friday between 10 am – 11:30 am.

Prices for entry and participation in Agility York’s various activities vary depending on the age of the child and the specific program.

The Agility Mini soft play area costs £5.95 for children. This is the mini-soft play and sensory room inside the cafe.

Agility Tots program for one preschool child and one parent at a cost of £7.95, this also includes Agility Mini.

The Ninja course ranges from £6.95 to £8.95 for children aged 5-11 and £3.95 for toddlers.

Pre-booking online is recommended as the capacity for each activity is limited.

Address: London Ebor Business Park, Millfield Lane, Poppleton, York, YO26 6QY

Agility York

Agility Tots

Agility Tots is a unique program designed specifically for preschool children, it’s a lot of fun. The activities promote physical fitness, social interaction, and cognitive development. The 90-minute sessions include:

  • Ninja Course: A scaled-down version of Agility York’s popular obstacle course, suitable for children under the age of 4.
  • Agility Mini: A soft play area featuring a variety of age-appropriate play equipment, such as slides, climbing walls, and building blocks.
  • Sensory Room: A tranquil space outfitted with soft padding, calming lights, and soothing sounds, perfect for children who need a break from the excitement of the main play areas.
  • Racing Slide: A thrilling, high-speed slide that can be enjoyed by both children and parents.
  • Mini Obstacle Course: A small-scale, studio-based obstacle course that challenges children’s balance, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

During Agility Tots sessions, parents are required to supervise their children at all times and children must wear grip socks. You can buy them there if you don’t have any.

Benefits of Agility Tots

The Agility Tots program offers a variety of benefits for both children and parents, including:

  • Physical Fitness: The engaging activities help young children develop their strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination, setting the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Social Skills: Agility Tots sessions provide a perfect opportunity for children to interact with their peers, make new friends, and develop essential social skills.
  • Cognitive Development: The various play areas and activities challenge children’s problem-solving abilities and stimulate their creativity and imagination.
  • Quality Time: Agility Tots sessions offer a fun and unique way for parents and children to bond and create lasting memories together.

Our Experience of Agility Tots

I went to Agility Tots with my husband, 2-year-old and my friend also took her toddler, partner and baby. It was very quiet so we had the space to ourselves. You have access to the Ninja part of the course as the Worrier part is for older children. Though saying that, the Ninja part is too big for toddlers to navigate alone but it’s a massive space for them to run around and they can take part in the obstacles with help from parents.

We needed to help Leo up the obstacles. But he loved running around and exploring. I would not be able to do it on my own as it was quite difficult trying to get up the equipment while holding or supporting my toddler. My husband had no issue though and had a lot of fun running up and down everything, climbing and doing the rope swing.

I would go again but I wouldn’t go on my own.

Agility Tots is only available from 10 am – 11:30 am as then it opens to older children/adults.

Photo of Agility Mini soft play at Agility York

Agility Mini

Agility Mini is a dedicated soft play area designed specifically for children up to 3 years old. The space features a variety of age-appropriate play equipment, including:

  • A Slide
  • Climbing Wall
  • Building Blocks
  • Sensory Room

You can relax in The Shack café, which overlooks the soft play area, allowing you to keep an eye on your little ones while enjoying a hot or cold drink.

Pricing and Booking

Entry to the Agility Mini soft play area costs £5.95 per child, with no additional charge for parents or babies under 6 months.

Our Experience of Agility Mini

Leo loves it here! We have been a few times now and I sometimes go on my own with him. The equipment is great for his age, at 2 and a half. He is able to climb up the course, go through the roller obstacle and go down the slide on his own. When we first started going a few months ago, he struggled to do it alone. My friend’s little boy, who is the same age, didn’t have any problems.

It took a while for my son to gain the confidence to do it alone and go down the slide. He’s also a bit small for his age which didn’t help.

We go in term-time to burn off some energy and it’s always quiet. One time, we had it to ourselves most of the session but usually, there are around 3-4 toddlers in at a time.

Agility Shack Cafe view of Agility Mini

It’s great because once they are in, they can’t get out. It’s also inside the cafe so can see it from the tables. I am inside the soft play with him about 90% of the time – there are ledges that you can sit on so you can watch them and chill a little bit. I’m only out when I’m drinking my coffee.

The sensory area is very small. It’s a dark room behind the soft play with twinkling lights on one side, and some lights that flash as you make noise. I would not recommend going if you are looking for just a sensory experience as it’s tiny. It’s a nice addition, but it’s not good as a stand-alone experience.

Agility Shack Cafe table and chairs at Agility York

The Shack Café

Agility York’s on-site café, The Shack, offers a range of tasty food and drink options for visitors to enjoy. The menu caters to a variety of dietary preferences and includes hot and cold meals, espresso coffee, freshly made smoothies, desserts, ice cream, and more.

They serve breakfast until 11:30 which has the typical full-English, baps, avocado on toast the lunch menu serves things like burgers, pizza, chips, and hotdogs for a reasonable price. The only issue is that there aren’t many plant-based options. There’s skin-on fries and a vegan pizza, but it would be nice to see a burger or wrap that is plant-based!

Agility also serves alcohol.

Agility Shack Cafe menu from Agility York

The seating area features high tables, low dining tables, benches, and comfortable sofas, providing ample space for families to relax and unwind after an action-packed session at Agility York.

There is also a cafe bar upstairs, but I haven’t been to that.

Additional Facilities and Services

Agility Parties

Agility York offers party packages that include access to the various play areas and activities, as well as dedicated party rooms and catering options from The Shack café. With prices starting from £16.95 per person, Agility parties are a fun and memorable way to mark birthdays and other milestones.

Sports Camps

Agility offers holiday camps for children aged 6-11 years old. Prices are currently £24.95 for 9 am- 3 pm, with late pickup till 4 pm for an additional £5. This includes all food and drinks.

Each day is split into 5 sessions with different activities, including:

  • basketball
  • crashmat football
  • benchball
  • nerf gun tag
  • football
  • cricket
  • dodgeball
  • parachute games.
  • capture the flag
  • dodgeball
  • floor is lava
  • chase tag
  • sports day games
  • races
  • cat and mouse
  • bulldog
  • parkour

Check on their website to see what activities are in each day. It’s a great childcare alternative if you work during the holidays.

Adult Sessions

Agility also offers adult sessions. They do team-building sessions during the day which is a 60-minute session including lunch and coffee at £28.95 per person.

Evening group sessions start from £12.95 per person, paying more if you would like to include drinks, food and other add-ons.

Agility York also offers a range of supplementary facilities and services to enhance your visit:

  • Free Parking: Free parking is available directly outside the facility, with visitors required to enter their registration number at the entrance.
  • Wheelchair and Buggy Access: Ramp access is provided for wheelchairs and buggies, along with disabled-access toilets and baby-changing facilities.
  • First Aid: Fully trained first aiders are on-site at all times to address any medical issues that may arise during your visit.
  • Free Wi-Fi

Top Tips and Recommendations

To make the most of your visit to Agility York, consider following these tips:

  • Wear Layers: The facility in a large warehouse-style building, which can be chilly during the winter months. Dressing in layers will ensure that you and your children can stay comfortable throughout your visit. We went once and couldn’t take our coats off due to the cold.
  • Plan Ahead: Pre-booking your session online is advised, as capacity is limited for each activity.
  • Combine Play and Dining: With its diverse menu and comfortable seating, The Shack café is the perfect place to enjoy a meal or snack before or after your session at Agility York. It would make a great place for a play date with a friend and their child.

Are you ready to explore Agility?

Agility York offers a unique and engaging indoor playground experience for children and families, with its wide range of activities, comfortable facilities, and commitment to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a fun day out with your young ones or looking to celebrate a special occasion, Agility York is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Check out their website for more information.

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  1. I loved these kinds of parks when I was a kid but this one is huge. It kind of makes me want to go again. The smile on that little face says it all.

  2. Agility Tots sounds great with so many benefits for the little ones. I used to love these play areas when I was a kid. In fact, if it was appropriate, I’d play on them now haha!

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