Is knowing your hair type important?

Ad. Knowing the texture or type of hair is undoubtedly important for your hair’s health! While purchasing the best products for your hair, how to…


Ad. Knowing the texture or type of hair is undoubtedly important for your hair’s health! While purchasing the best products for your hair, how to choose the right one when you need to know your hair type? 

Everyone has different hair textures and patterns, so knowing the type will help revolutionize your hair care routine. Moreover, when you know, the hair type will make it hassle-free to discuss hair issues and other hair-related things with people on the internet or in person. 

If you say, “I have a 2C hair type,” there is considerably less room for understanding when you say, “My hair is rough and wavy.” Therefore, these are some hair types that you should know, and if you desire healthy hair, keep reading this guide will help you explore your hair and why it’s crucial to know your type! 

Why is it important to know your hair type?

You must have thought while growing up that there were only a few hair types, such as long, short, wavy, curly, or straight. But there are a plethora of hair types to know! The key to healthy hair is knowing hair porosity, texture, and curl pattern. 

The hair care or grooming products that might work for a specific curly hair type might be ruining other hairs. Therefore, considering your hair type might help you decide how often to use shampoo or how much heat styling should be used. Several curls controlling products are available in the market for those women or men discontented with their hair. 

What’s your hair type?

Type 1A

Such type of hair is immensely straight and challenging to look voluminous as it is inclined to lie down often. This hair type is manageable but difficult to do different textured hairstyles. 

Type 1B

Type 1B is straight but has more growth than Type 1A. Such hair provides a thicker look while having less sheen to it. Although volume can be acquired easily with hair-styling products, the hair doesn’t have enough volume.

Type 1C

Such hair type grows straight but looks coarse, dense, and has natural shine in it. Short hair will naturally grow outward, but if it gets long enough, it will start to fall forward. There is no curl when the hair rests flat on the scalp.

Type 2A

Such hair grows with a classic S pattern, which helps add texture during haircuts. The hair texture isn’t much coarse, but it’s slightly heavy. 

Type 2B & 2C

Type 2b has a more aggressive S pattern, whereas, in type 2C, this S pattern can be discerned in this hair type more prominently. 2C hair type is more difficult to control and coarse than type 2B.

Type 3A & 3B 

Type 3A has loose curls, whereas 3B has tightly coiled curls, making hair look extremely dense. The 3A type mainly needs oil to stay hydrated, whereas 3B, being excruciating to style in a comb, people with 3B hair type also need proper oiling. 

So, knowing your hair type is important to take care of the hair texture and keep it hydrated. Let us know the hair type you have in the comment section below! 

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