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Getting Summer Ready with the NoNo hair removal system

AD| Body hair is very normal and we all have our preferences to whether we get rid of it, let it grow or just do…


AD| Body hair is very normal and we all have our preferences to whether we get rid of it, let it grow or just do what we can when we have the time. I’m in the last camp. I prefer to get rid of it but it’s not my top priority in life so I generally only bother when my legs will be on show which is usually during the summer.

The idea of home hair removal treatments has always been attractive to me because I LOVE anything that saves me time. I have considered going to a salon for laser hair removal before but I hate going for treatments like that. It’s bad enough getting my hair cut – I’m just not a fan of all the small talk. Also, it’s time-consuming, expensive and drains my social battery! So being able to do it from the comfort of my own is a big win for me. have a great range of NoNo hair removal products and I was asked to pick one to review. I opted for the NoNo Hair Removal System as it seemed like the one that would most suit my needs.

In the past, I’ve tried an at-home laser hair removal kit but this was around 15 years ago. It wasn’t very good and each hair needed treating and then plucking out. Ouch! It was painful and took ages. I’ve also tried epilating which terrified me the first time I tried it so never again. I’m too afraid to wax so I just use a good old-fashioned razor.

The Nono Hair Removal System is a hair remover and inhibitor for the face and body.

It came packaged in a cardboard tube and looks like a quality product.

Included in the box:

What’s Included

  • PRO no!no! hair removal device
  • One large thermicon tip for body hair removal
  • One small thermicon tip for facial hair removal
  • One body polishing buffer pad
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Charger

The device itself powers on from a button at the top. A display screen then tells you the battery power and the treatment level. There are 3 treatment levels to pick from. It’s simple and straightforward to use and operate.

When I first used the device, I felt scared to use it. I was worried that it would hurt – I was expecting to feel a shock or something – but it’s painless. You place the device on your skin and move it in a similar motion to a razor. If you go too fast or too slow the device stops or glows red – so you always know the right speed to go. Then you use the skin buffer on the area you have just treated.

It’s best to use it when your hair is at least 1mm long. You can use it everywhere apart from breasts and genitals and it works on all hair colours and hair types.

It’s recommended to use it a few times a week for 6 weeks to see the best results.

My Nono Hair Removal System Review

I decided to use it on the bottom half of my legs first. As I mentioned previously, I was afraid to use it to start with but it doesn’t hurt at all. It does get a bit warm if you go over the same parts again and there is a smell of hair burning as the Nono burns the hair away.

I’ve only been using it for two weeks so I’ve not seen maximum results at all. I go over each section of my leg a few times. This doesn’t remove all the hair, so I do have to shave after if I want smooth legs. Mostly I’ve been leaving it and then using the device again in two days, leaving a bit of stubble for my next treatment.

But I have noticed that my hair regrowth is patchy. There are a couple of areas that I have spent more time on and you can see the difference in hair regrowth here so I’m excited to see how the results will be when I’ve used it for 4 more weeks. I’ll come back and edit the post then with my results!

So this is not a replacement for a razor if you want smooth legs, but it does slow down and prevent hair regrowth.

Have you tried and home hair removal products like this?


  1. I never tried any hair removal kits, because like you, I was scared I would sue them wrong or get something bad out of it. I like that it tells you in case you go too fast or slow with a light, instead of hoping for the best. This sounds like one to try!

  2. I’m definitely in the remove when I have time camp too haha so anything that makes it a bit easier is a plus for me!
    Amy x

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