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Top DIY Tips For Transforming Living Space To Colourful Luxury

Our homes are probably the most important investment we will ever make. They take a good percentage of our income and they are our largest…


Our homes are probably the most important investment we will ever make. They take a good percentage of our income and they are our largest financial resource. 

How we decorate our homes is also an important decision. We want our homes to be comfortable and relaxing, yet stylish and modern.  We want our homes to look like we have spent a lot of money on their decor and upkeep, without spending a lot.

Inspiration comes from unusual places

Before we begin, I urge you to stay alert for unexpected places to find inspiration. I happened across an article written by one of my favourite designers for DIY tips. She was featured on the Lottoland website, with tips to help new millionaires decorate their homes without spending all their newfound wealth. I would not have thought to look for DIY tips from Lottoland, but it was quite informative. Their site is filled with expert information. 


There are so many great things you can do with walls. One question that is often asked is how much is too much when hanging above a bed or a sofa. The answer is, it depends. It depends on what you are hanging. Are you hanging pictures? Are you hanging delicate wire art pieces? You have to use your own judgment. The general rule is this; a sofa or a bed and the tables beside them are considered one unit. The decor hanging above the unit should cover ⅔ of the wall when properly spaced. 

DIY ideas for wall hangings

  • Pick up old picture frames from the thrift store, 
    • Frame scraps of fabric that match your room
    • Frame a mirror, then place a small piece of fabric in the center leaving a 1” mirror edge
  • Take a trip to the local arts neighborhood in your city.
    • Buy some originals to hang around your home

Note: If you find someone you like. Tell her or him what size painting you are looking for and what colours you need. They may come up with an original that you love at a great price. But if you actually ask them to paint one for you, be prepared to put down a deposit and follow through.  

If you can toss it…

You are a smart person. You bought high-quality furniture, made of good fabric. Your furniture is a nice basic colour, so it will go with anything. Your furniture is going to last a long time. It will still be as good as new well after today’s trend is gone.   

The fun part about being so smart with the basics is you can go crazy with the non-essentials. Use throw pillows, rugs, afghans, and window treatments to bring life and colour to your room. Don’t go cheap. Silk, satin, linen, cotton, or rayon make some great vibrant colours

Order and cleanliness – always in reach

Some of us have adapted to living, working, and studying in our homes. None of us has a handle on the near future, so we have made our homes look super cool and super-efficient. Baskets hanging on the wall in a line replaced tired plastic business trays. Shelves made of repurposed shipping pallets are cut to size (to fit any unused space) and super-efficient. A painted wall to make this space gives you an office area that fits in with your BoHo Chic look. 

Make it yours!

When you are doing your own design work, you are going through the tips of experts and taking their advice on how to make your property look chic and high-end. But, there is one thing you should keep in mind. This property is yours. 

I suggest you select something you really like and place it in your living room. Do the same in your bedroom and maybe the kitchen. Then decorate around the piece. Make that item a part of the room. It doesn’t have to be the focal point of the room. But it should have an important place. 


If you want a home that looks chic, chandeliers are a must. The trick is, you must have the right chandeliers. This is why so many people turn to professionals. Many amateurs will design a room that is toned down and casual. Then they think all chandeliers are extremely large with a lot of crystals and way too many lights for the room. It is important to place a chandelier that compliments the structure of the room. How large is the room? How many windows are in the room? Is there a lot of wood and brick? These are the questions you must answer before you can choose the right chandelier for the room. 

Chandeliers are not the primary light for the room. There should be lighting installed for the glow of the room and the illumination of the decor. Of course, lamps are for reading. 

As you see, decorating your home can be done. It may take a few tries. You might have to work at it a little. But you can do it. You can make your home look like a professional designed it and you can live in it comfortably. You do not have to spend your entire fortune to do it. Just do some searching and be open to where you may find your inspiration. Remember, it is your home. You get to make the rules. 

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