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AD| I’m sat here at 8:45 pm with a cup of tea eating a brownie from Bake Me a Gift. I have to admit, I…


AD| I’m sat here at 8:45 pm with a cup of tea eating a brownie from Bake Me a Gift. I have to admit, I feel like I am ‘living my best life’ – as the phrase goes.

Sending gifts to people can be stressful if you’re unsure what to get someone. But quirky gifts such as these Bake Me a Gift brownies with a persoanlised card are the type of gift that is something a bit different. It’s is bound to be a gift to remember!

bake me a gift brownies and persoanilsed card

What is Bake Me a Gift?

Bake Me a Gift is a website that sells a selection of 12 cookies that is delivered to your special person with a personalised card.

What type of cards do they do?

They have a range of cards that can have a personalised message inside them! Such as:

  • birthday cards
  • cards for her
  • cards for him
  • anniversary cards
  • any occasion cards
  • good luck cards
  • thank you cards
  • romantic cards
  • congrautlations cards
  • good luck cards
  • new home cards
bake me a gift brownies and persoanilsed card

What flavour brownies do they do?

Bake Me a Gift do lots of different types of brownies! And they all sound delicious. You can get 12 brownies, or you can get six ultimate brownies and six of any of the below.

I went for ‘Double chocolate heaven’ so got six of each.

Ultimate brownie

A standard brownie with a gooey centre.

Double chocolate heaven

This brownie is perfect for chocoholics with delicious chocolate chunks inside.


A sweet raspberry brownie.

Chocolate orange delight

I was so tempted to get this one! It’s a best seller and I can see why. I love orange chocolate.

Caramel Combo

A salted caramel brownie – yum!

Minty Temptations

Another great combo – mint and chocolate is a match made in heaven!

Peanut butter treats

Peanut butter brownies, these ones sound amazing!

Sweet Sprinkles

Brownies with a sprinkle of colour on top!

Cookies and dream

Everyone’s favourite cookies – Oreos paired with a gooey brownie!

bake me a gift brownies and persoanilsed card

Do Bake a Gift have gluten-free brownies?

Yes! There is a gluten-free version of the ultimate brownie, the double chocolate brownie and the salted caramel brownies.

What did I order?

I went for double chocolate heaven, which meant I got six double chocolate brownies and six ultimate brownies. I also ordered the Brownie Heaven card, which says ‘A balanced diet is a brownie in each hand’ on it. True story!

The box arrived the day after I ordered, When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was the card. Inside the card was the 12 brownies wrapped up for safety and freshness.

I tried a double chocolate brownie first and these are amazing. Perfectly soft with chocolate chunks in which were a lovely contrast to the soft, sticky brownie. I loved the slight crunch of the chocolate chunk!

The ultimate brownies had a soft, gooey centre and just collapsed in your mouth. These are very rich and indulgent brownies. I was torn between feeling like they were so indulgent that one was enough, and wanting to eat more!

My partner and I basically ate two each a day until they were gone.

Visit Bake Me a Gift and get your brownies!

Which delicious brownie would you like to try?

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  1. Peanut butter brownies sound delicious. Great post. That is a pretty cool service, to bake brownies, and send a card. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Brownies are the best! I don’t trust myself to make them as I have an extra sensitive stomach :/ These sound delicious, especially the Oreo ones 🙂 x

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