Axe throwing

On Saturday I went axe throwing with Amy, one of my Instagram friends.

Amy and I first started talking just over a year ago. We went to the same gym, you see. For months we chatted on Instagram via direct messages but never met. Then we started seeing each other in the gym. Amy is as awkward as me. So naturally, we both ignored the existence of each other in the real world only to message each other afterwards saying things like ‘I think I saw you but I wasn’t sure if it was you so didn’t say hi, wasn’t being rude!’.

We did that about four times until one day she was walking out of one of the studios and I was going up the stairs, I stopped and looked at her and finally said HI.

Then we chatted while we got ready for work like we had been friends forever.

The rest is history, now Amy is one of my best friends so don’t be afraid to speak to your internet friends in real life. They’re wonderful.

The end.

Wait, that isn’t the end. This isn’t the story of how I met Amy. It’s the story of when we went and threw axes in Leeds.

Amy and I have lots of random things I common. Which to look at us you wouldn’t think we do. We have totally different styles in how we dress. She dyes her hair bright colours, I don’t. She has tattoos and piercings, I’m not a fan. Randomly, I was like ‘I wanna go axe throwing’ then she says ‘OMG me too but nobody wants to go with me’.

So we went.

Timberjacks is in Leeds. It’s not in the centre, it’s in Burley. It’s a bit of a hidden gem – if you do decide to go, it’s near the Leeds English Language School. Park there and walk to the right in between the buildings – you can’t see Timberjacks from the main road.

We booked a 45-minute session which cost £15 each. You have to sign a form when you get there basically to say you won’t throw an axe at anyone and will follow the rules. Then you are given a quick demo on how to hold the axe and a few ways you can try to throw it.

I was better at the two-handed overhead throw. Amy just lobbed it with her left hand. See. More differences.

It was a lot of fun but also frustrating when the axe doesn’t stick in the board.

Amy got the axe in the first time, it took me a few goes but when I finally got it in, I hit the bullseye!

There were also many times when they axe hits the board with the handle or the back of the axe.

If you want to take a more serious approach, you can keep scores and compete. We were just focusing on getting the axe in the board.

Obviously it’s just throwing an axe over and over again so it’s not something you would want to do every week, but it’s good for a one of activity with friends. It would make a great team-building exercise for work, or if you just want to do something different than going to the pub and getting pissed with your mates. Throw axes instead!

axe throwing timberjacks leeds review

axe throwing timberjacks leeds review

axe throwing timberjacks leeds review


axe throwing timberjacks leeds review

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