CluedUpp Murder Mystery day in Leeds

Last weekend I went to a CluedUpp murder mystery day. To say’ went to’ is a bit odd, because it wasn’t exactly anywhere, it was in all of Leeds city centre.

We had no idea what to expect, but 4 friends and I met up in the centre of Leeds. We downloaded the CluedUpp app, used a code to start the came and off we went.

CluedUpp Murder Mystery day in Leeds

We had to go to certain locations on the map of Leeds. When we got there, the app could tell by GPS and it would release witness statements, riddles and questions. We had to walk around Leeds and speak to the witnesses, we could ask questions to them (limited to how many we could ask) and then try to figure out who committed the murder and what they killed them with.

There were lots of other people doing it too, some were dressed up. The only problem was: rain. It rained so much. To the point where it was hard to use the app with wet phone screens. After finding most of the witnesses, we decided to go for food and a drink, read the statements then carry on.

We asked some people questions and to be honest, their answers never really helped us, it was all so vague!

It was hard because you don’t know who to believe and you not to believe. In the end, we figured it out while sipping coffee, soaking wet in Leeds train station.

It was an interesting day, it would have been much better if it wasn’t for the rain! It was £36 per group which I think is quite expensive as it’s just a phone application, we were expecting real people to be at the meeting points which would have made it a lot more fun!

I think for now I’ll stick to escape rooms though! Guaranteed dryness!

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