If you could start life again, what would you do differently?

I know lots of people frown upon regretting parts of your life, or wishing things were different. But I often find myself daydreaming about how…


life skills

I know lots of people frown upon regretting parts of your life, or wishing things were different. But I often find myself daydreaming about how my life could have been different if I had made a few different choices.

They’re not all massive choices, like children, career and big life changes, some of them are small things I wish I had done differently. Some are regarding friendships, some are regarding the skills I’ve learned.

life skills

Picked better friends,

It wasn’t until my last couple of years at school that I actually had decent friends. After years and years of trying to be friends with those ‘more popular’ than me and allowed myself to be treated like crap for the pleasure, I think I learnt my lesson when I became friends with Sophie, who emotionally manipulated not only me but our whole friendship group. I think because someone else in the group recognised it, we managed to pull together and see that what she was doing was wrong and end our friendship with Sophie.

Usually, I would have suffered in silence and let it happen. It actually had a very negative impact on how I saw myself. Worthless and deserving to be laughed at and made a joke out of.

Things got better around the time of my GSCE’s. I think a mixture of me knowing a little better but also everyone growing up and learning to be a bit nicer to everyone, regardless of their ‘social status’. By the time we did our A Levels, a lot of the students that caused the problems left school art 16 and my world was a much nicer place.

There are so many situations that I think about in my past where I wish I could have gone back and just handled it differently.

Had piano lessons.

I had keyboard lessons when I was younger for around 10 years. I was grade 8 in practical and had done a lot of the theory exams. But I stopped having lessons when I went to university.

I wish instead of having keyboard lessons, I had piano lessons instead. I love the sound of the piano and while my music knowledge means I can read music and get around a piece of manuscript, playing notes rather than chords on my left hand just isn’t second nature to me!

One day I hope I can change this. As soon as we have a house big enough where I can keep my piano out (it’s currently in the loft) I’m hoping to get some lessons!

Continued with guitar lessons. 

I had guitar lessons for a while when I was about 10. It didn’t last for long but I wish it’s something I had carried on. I have tried to teach myself a few times but my hands are tiny and I really struggle! Companies like ocom.ca are great and if I have kids, I’ll be sure to check one out!

Had singing lessons.

I can’t sing to save my life but wish I could. I’m not sure if singing lessons would help my out of tune ass, but it would be interesting if singing lessons as a child would have helped!

I should have swapped that for swimming/dance/brownies!

Studied a different subject at university.

I am such an idiot. I fell in love with the internet when I first logged on at around 12 years old. I’ve made a million websites, been on different communities and members of various websites. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me until I was in my late 20’s that it’s something I might want to do as part of my job! I wish I had done web design, digital marketing or something similar. But no. I did French and Philosophy and now I work in a supermarket and nobody will give me my dream job because apparently, I have no experience. I wish there was something like brightmindsonlineschool.ca around when I was younger!

As you can see, I could have sure done with someone like http://www.rebeccamountain.ca/around when I was a bit younger to help me define my life goals! I am now working towards some of those things now but wish I had done it sooner.

If you take away only one thing form this post – let it be that if you want to learn something or do something – start now!


  1. That’s asking a huge question. What if? Certainly there were mistakes I wish I hadn’t made (and injuries I hadn’t gotten), but I’m a dinosaur, and I console myself by thinking of the good experiences I’ve had. One of my biggest regrets is that I never had a children (a daughter, more specifically). Then again, i might have croaked from the stress if I had. You, on the other hand, are young enough to still have time to become a corporate tycoon, or to have daughters – and even if you don’t you’re still young, brilliant, pretty, witty, nice, and in excellent shape!
    Best wishes for excellent health, success, much happiness, and a fashiontastic year 2019.

  2. OMG you’re me basically haha
    Choosing friends is my sort of regret too, but I would more focus on me around other people then choosing all different people if you get me. I love my friends I’ve made, but I know I could have been friends with so many other people if I wasn’t so weird >.<
    Also, learning piano and guitar is something I always wanted, but never actually started and now I think I'm too old (stupid, I know, but this won't change…)
    I only hope you're not too sad about these. There's still time to learn and change these 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

  3. This is a really interesting post and I think those that say “No regrets” would probably make some different choices at some point in their life. I’d have definitely done a couple of things differently and made some different choices through life e.g. concentrating in school!

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