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The Pinterest Experiment Week 4 Results

how to grow you pinterest folllowing

Hiya again, we’re here with the results form the 4th week of this experiment I’ve been doing with Pinterest.

This week I’ve just been letting things run on their own because I’ve been busy. So let’s crack on with it, shall we? We’re not here to read my babbles – we are here to see THE STATISTICS. Yum.

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how to grow you pinterest folllowing

how to grow you pinterest folllowing

Only 7 new followers last week! That’s much less than last weeks 29. I’m currently at 3857. Not bad to say I don’t do any commenting or following other accounts. Maybe that’s something I should do!

traffic from pinterest to your blog

Average monthly viewers have almost doubled! I’ve gone from 23k to 40k! Very happy with that. I’m just worried now that it’s been 4 weeks it’ll start to leve out a bit. So we will see. I’ll have to start growing in other ways I guess!


Saturday: 12
Sunday: 13
Monday: 14
Tuesday: 9
Wednesday: 13
Thursday: 7
Friday: 2

Week 3: 71

Week 1: 31
Weel 2: 58
Weel 3: 102

Slightly less last week, but still average of 10 a day which is good. I really want to get this number up but I think that will depend on the type of pins I’m putting out there. Need more quality content to pin!

What I did last week:

Not much, as planned. I pinned a few new posts as they were published and added a couple of pins to tribes, but I didn’t do anything else.

What’s next?

I think I’m going to stop doing the weekly updates and do a follow up in another 4 weeks just to see how things are ticking alone. I’m hoping I can get more traffic from Pinterest with minimal effort, so we will see!

Hope you enjoyed this mini-series and let me know if you have any questions or if you have any golden nuggets in regards to growing your Pinterest!

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  • Enstine Muki

    hi Corinne,
    I came here from Pinterest where I found this post. I have been active on Pinterest for about a month and a half now and I think I’m getting it. Your progress report here is interesting so keep it up.

    Have a wonderful week

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