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The Pinterest Experiment – week 2 results

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Hiya kids, how you doing?

This is the results after the second week of my Pinterest experiment. Trying to grow my Pinterest to get some of that delicious traffic that everyone always bangs on about!

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Here are the results after 2 weeks:

Only 16 followers this week, compared with last weeks 33 followers, but an improvement is still an improvement and with the emphasis being more on monthly viewers and monthly engaged, it’s not a big deal.

My current follower total on Pinterest is 3,825 followers.

Average monthly viewers have more than doubled – 8426 up from 3645 last week!

Monthly engaged has gone from 94 to 210. More than doubled again!

Now let’s see how that translate to views:

Sessions from Pinterest

Week 1:

Saturday: 1
Sunday: 7
Monday: 3
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 5
Friday: 6

Total sessions:31

Sessions from Pinterest

Week 2:

Saturday: 10
Sunday: 7
Monday: 10
Tuesday: 1
Wednesday: 9
Thursday: 7
Friday: 14

Total sessions: 58

Pretty decent results! Want to be in double figures every day, so hopefully, we can get there next week.

What I’ve been doing the last week?

  • Added a few more timeslots to my schedule so I’ve been posting between 65-75 pins a day.
  • Using Tailwind tribes.
  • Making different images for the same pins.
  • Created my own Tailwind tribe.

What I want to do over the next week:

  • Get more people to join my tribe for UK bloggers.
  • Try to find some Facebook groups that offer pin sharing.

Please repin this post and follow me over on Pinterest.


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  • Ieva || The Random Passion project

    Great job on improving your Pinterest strategy! 🙂 Make sure to follow up the tribe results. I’ve found it the best to hang around one tribe for a month and then evaluate how it’s actually doing (sometimes the most active tribes are not even the best when it comes to getting your content out there…)

  • Mma

    Nice one girl… being on Pinterest taught me patience and consistency and to do whatever that works for me without spamming or getting suspended

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