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The Pinterest Experiment Week 3 Results

how to get blog views from pinterest

Hi, I can’t believe I’m already writing my third result post about Pinterest! It’s gone so fast but at the same time feels like I’ve been using Pinterest this way for years! Anyway, let’s see how we did in week 3!

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how to get blog views from pinterest

29 new followers this week! Better than last weeks 16 but not as good as week 1’s 33. Still good to see that my followers are growing though!

My current followers total is 3851.

My average monthly views have gone from 8426 last week to a massive 23451! That’s almost tripled! I’m excited about this and hope to get to 100k soon!

Now let’s see how that translates to views:

Sessions from Pinterest:

Saturday: 19
Sunday: 13
Monday: 20
Tuesday: 21
Wednesday: 11
Thursday: 12
Friday: 6

Week 3: 102

Week 1: 31
Weel 2: 58

As you can see, the amount of sessions from Pinterest has almost doubled. I feel like things are sticking around this number, so I’d like to beat 102 next week but I’m not sure if I will!

What I did last week:

I did try to find some Facebook groups to share to but ended up in this thread where I had to pin everyone else’s pins. I’ve decided not to do that again as I ended up clogging my feed with things that I didn’t really care about.

In terms of the rest, I’ve not really had to work too hard as I have lots of pins already scheduled. I didn’t make some graphics for the blog posts that went live last week, added them to tribes and let Tailwind do the rest.

What I’m doing week:

Not much really, I’m busy so I can’t be spending too much time on Pinterest. Instead, I’m going to leave Tailwind do what it’s best at and see how it goes when I live things running without much intervention!


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