Little Italy York

Little Italy York

Since we moved to York a year ago, we have been dying to go to Little Italy, an Italian restaurant in York. We did make attempt to one Sunday afternoon but it was closed!

Anyway, a few weeks ago when my boyfriend’s little sister came to stay, we managed to make reservations on a Friday afternoon. That really HOT Friday, I might add, at the start of June.

Little Italy York

We shared one of the sharing boards for starters. An amazing platter of cheese, cured meats, olives, mushrooms and Sardinian music bread. As you can see from the photo below, it was stunning. I LOVE cheese/meat boards like this and though they are totally against my diet plan, a treat every once in a while is much needed.

His little sister had one of the fresh pasta dishes. Naturally, I picked fillet steak. I know that Italian places are known for their pasta and pizza, but I’ve had some of the nicest steaks from Italian restaurants!

My boyfriend picked roast belly pork. Again, this is typical of him as he loves pork.

The presentations of all the dishes were all stunning. As you can see. I would say it’s a very ‘standard price’ menu, but the food was worth more. If that makes sense. I would have happily paid a bit extra per dish.

Little Italy York blog

The service was also great. Most of the staff were Italian which is always a nice touch. There was an English lady there who I assume was the manager or owner. She was answering the phone and taking bookings, while also guiding the staff. It all seemed a busy but organised and happy operation they had going. The restaurant was packed but everything ran smoothly.

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