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The Complete Guide To WordPress // WordPress Tips for New Users

Welcome to the seventh week of the complete guide to WordPress course. See what we have covered so far: Week One: Why should you move…



Welcome to the seventh week of the complete guide to WordPress course. See what we have covered so far:

This week we will be going over a few tips and hacks that are useful to know when you first move over to WordPress.


Change your author name. 

By default, your posts will be tagged with ‘by admin’.

The first thing you want to do is change this to your name to avoid looking unprofessional.

Click on ‘admin’ in the top right corner and click ‘edit your profile’.

From here, you want to put your name in the ‘Nickname’ box and save. Once you’ve saved your name, it will display in the drop down menu in ‘Display name publically as’. Select your name and press save.

Change categories.

Each time you post, it will default as ‘uncategorised’ unless you change this during editing. You can add and select categories within the post editor, but the first thing you should do is edit the ‘uncategorised’ tag to something, so if you get to change the category it won’t look odd.

For example, on this blog I have mine to default to ‘lifestyle’.

You can change this the Post -> Category menu:

Change the URL of your blog post.

To change the URL of your blog post, you can simply click ‘edit’ under your post title.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can write a full post without even touching the mouse if you get familiar with the keyboard short cuts.

Find them my clicking on the question mark icon in your post editor, next to the undo and redo button.

Remove formatting.

You know when you cut and paste something from Word or another web page and it includes all links, font and lots of other nasty code? Use the Remove Formatting button to get rid of all this.

It’s the icon that looks like a rubber:

Use line breaks.

Shift + Return Creates a line break if you want to create a single line break rather than the default paragraph break.

Hope you find this helpful! Come back next week when we will be going over plugins!


  1. The functionality of WordPress definitely looks more advanced than Blogger. I really need to just suck it up and make the move.

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