The Complete Guide To WordPress // Picking a hosting company

Welcome to the second week of my Complete Guide To WordPress blog course. Here’s what we’ve covered so far: Week One: Why should you move…


how to start a wordpress blog

Welcome to the second week of my Complete Guide To WordPress blog course.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Today we’re going to be talking about hosting and go through a couple of packages.

which host wordpress

Web hosts are service providers that allow you to post information to the Internet. Information is stored on servers and then can be accessed by your domain name.

When someone types your URL into their browser, it will connect to the server and bring the information up into the browser.

Here are a few possible options:


HostGator currently offer the following plans:


To sign up to HostGator, HostGator.


TSOhost offer the following plans:


What it means:

Free Domain: You can get your domain for free if you don’t already have one.

Web Space: The amount of space you can have to hold your e-mail and website files.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer through a website at one time. Most blogs will be fine with 5GB.

Mailboxes: How many personalised emails you can create with your domain. (eg,, pr@website,com)

Multiple site hosting: How many websites you can host on your package.

MySQL databases: SQL is a language that’s easily read by computers and is a format data is stored in to make it easy to look up information and blog posts.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Support: Read more about Let’s Encrypt here.

Free daily backups: Backups of your site are made and stored in case you lose any information during updates or your site gets hacked.

Free migration: This is if you have a domain with a different company and want to migrate it over to TSOhost to make it easier to manage everything in one place.

1-Click Apps: This means to install WordPress, you just click ‘install’ and it does all the work for you.

Hybrid Hosting: This is the ability to host your website using both Linux and Windows platforms at the same time. You probably won’t need or care about this.

To get your plan from TSOhost, TSOhost.

I use TSOhost’s standard plan to host all 3 of my websites on. Two of my domains are with TSO host (one bought directly from them, another migrated from GoDaddy) and one of my domains is still with GoDaddy – you don’t have to migrate your domain if you don’t want to, but it makes things easier in the long run.

Come back next week when we’ll be talking all about setting up WordPress and importing previous blog posts!


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  1. Its good read who are looking forward to have hosting plan near future. Actually I was not happy reading all of this because I just renewed my hosting plan last month. But its a good read for me, I’ll try Hostgator next time surely go for your link. I bookmarked your post. Thanks Corinne 🙂

  2. I went with Go Daddy when they had an amazing deal for self hosting wp sites. Then they called me three months before my plan was due to expire to pay up for the next year. This call happened a few days after xmas. I was skint and didn’t realise I didn’t have to pay ahead. So they really forced me into a corner and signed me for another two years. I am beyond disappointed by their service and my site consistently lagging or being offline. I’ll swap to TSO Host next year 🙂

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