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The Complete Guide To WordPress // Point your domain to WordPress

Point your domain to WordPress

Welcome to the third week of my Complete Guide To WordPress blog course.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

This week we’ll be talking about how to point your existing domain to your WordPress blog.

point your domain to wordpress blog

If you are buying your domain with your hosting, you can skip this step.

You need to login to the account where you bought your domain from and change the name servers (you will have already entered your domain either during signup or in your control panel of your hosting account).

This example uses GoDaddy screenshots:


Then you need to change the nameservers to your hosts.

Nameservers for TSOhost:


Nameservers for HostGator will be sent with your welcome email.

It can take up to a day for your website to point to your WordPress blog so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away.

That’s it for this week! Short and sweet but this is often something people are worried about when it comes to switching to WordPress. It’s dead easy!

Still to come:

  • How to find a theme you love and your customisation options
  • How to create your own header
  • Plugins
  • Short-cuts to WordPress.

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