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I love a good old slogan I do.


Slogans are funny, right? And they seem to be appearing everywhere. Generally messages of positivity, or slogans that share your love for something.

I’ve been having a browse of some slogan objects I’d love to get my hands on. Tshirts, cups, notepads, bags, cushions and more and here are some that’s on my wish list.


I’m not going to explain why I love each of these, because that’s boring. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They’re awesome.

I think if I could make my own slogan tshirt, it would say something like ‘Don’t talk to me, I’m weird and awkward’.

Secret Santa at work already got me this one, which sums things up pretty accurately:


What are your favourite slogan products?

Also tell me what you’ve been up to this weekend 🙂


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  • Ela

    I don’t really like slogan tees, or let’s put it that way, I couldn’t find one that I absolutely love. To-do list pad clearly explains how I get when I make a list! x

  • Lucy

    Nothing beats a slogan t-shirt, I generally love ones that are young and a little childish. Good choices, your secret Santa t-shirt shows lots of thought Lucy x

  • Mira

    These are amazing, I love the shirt that says ‘Do not read this shirt’. And the ‘Grilled Cheese’ shirt got me thinking – I honestly want a shirt that says ‘Avo on Toast’ or ‘Pancakes’ – is that weird? I got a shirt that says ‘Selfie’ and one that says ‘Bloggers do it better’ – I got both of them at Mango. x

  • gail

    I have so many its unbelievable – my personal favourite is my “I literally do not care” top from Forever 21 :’) I also need your tshirt from your Secret Santa – and that monopoly notepad!

  • Kezzie

    That tee they bought you is hilarious! I remember you don’t like hugs! Urgh, I got kissed on the ear today as I was doing the customary “Hug to avoid the kiss” thing and got caught!!x

  • Anca

    I’m not keen on slogan tees, but I have one with “Rottweiler mum” that my husband got for me for Mother’s Day and I love it. I would also like one with my motto: “Life is short, eat dessert first”, but I just postpone ordering one.

  • Rai

    I recently bought one that says Mind / Matter for exercise cause hey a slogan tee will help with that right? haha Most of my other ones though are fandom shirts with the slogans on them so I don’t think they fully count. I’d like to get some more though!

    I like the “do not read this t-shirt” one hahaha

    Rai |

  • Ella Pinto

    I can definitely see how that’s one of your favourite shirts. Yesterday whilst searching through ASOS I found some really good ones, and one even had a slogan on on blogging – but I forgot it. There’s two tshirts I’d like to get my hands on and it’s “google it” and the one you shown us about “do not read this t-shirt”. I think I’d be pretty happy if I only owned those two (or a harry potter one)

    Ella x

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