Day 13 – Sunsets and Fireworks


Hello friends,

this is the second segment to Day 13 of Floriday. You can read the first one here, which was what we did during the day of our last day at Disney World Florida.

After we finished at the Magic Kingdom, we went over to Epcot to do a bit of shopping, grab some lunch and watch the Epcot Fireworks.

There was an amazing sunset, it was absolutely stunning and kind of filled me with sadness that we only had 2 days of our holiday left. You know when you have those moments where you stop and think ‘I’m here, right now, in this amazing place and I want to remember this forever’? This was one of those moments.

I looked around, absorbing everything. Looking at every single detail of my surroundings, trying to force my brain to remember every tiny detail. The smell of the air. The noise of the crowds around me. The feeling of the heat being overtaken by the cool evening breathe. Those moments don’t come often to me, but when they do, they are overwhelming.

It kind of hits you how tiny you are in this world, how brief you are and how beautiful the world can be.

After trying to capture the beautiful sunset on my camera, we found a spot around the big lake at Disney World’s Epcot. We found a small area that didn’t have many people around, which was hard as it was so busy.

The fireworks started and it was a lovely show. Not as amazing as the Magic Kingdom fireworks, but still good. If you’re going to Disney World, I would recommend you watch the Epcot fireworks before the ones at the Magic Kingdom – as nothing can top the Magic Kingdom show and I was a little disappointed at the Epcot ones.

We then left and said Goodbye to Disney World.

With only one day left in America, it was sad to leave it behind!

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