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My 2012

Hi Guys, Just wanted to do a recap of my 2012. I’m going to pick 1 or 2 events from each month that made my…


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to do a recap of my 2012. I’m going to pick 1 or 2 events from each month that made my year and share videos/photos with you, also thought it would be a good idea seeing as this is a pretty new blog so you can get to know me a bit better, if you want to of course!

 I hope you enjoy it!


Went to Amsterdam for Lilly’s Birthday. Was amazing, but so tiring! Constant partying and we met 3 guys that we basically spent the whole 3 days with!

Vlog of it here:


Met up with old housemate one day and got REALLY drunk, found a dog I loved, I really do not remember a lot of it but it was so funny watching the vlog back!

I also got my new car, a 2012 Black Ford Fiesta Zetec =)


The new iPad announced and bought! Def one of my top purchases of the year! 

 We celebrated St Patricks day!


Lilly’s parents, sister and brother-in-law came to visit from Crete. We went out, went to the media museum, went out for a meal. It was grand.


We went to Prague for Christines Brithday. It was amazing amazing. Such a beautiful, amazing city! I would love to go back!

Vlog of it here =)

Also went to Devon with my parents, brothers and their families. We saw the Olympic flag there, visited many cute little English beach towns, went to a wild life park etc etc =)


June was pretty uneventful, I spent 6 weeks on night leading a massive refresh of our shop. We basically moved everything around, remerchandised it all, got new fridges, freezers and counters.. cost £1m, was a lot of hard work but I was so proud of myself for leading it all with a team of 8-15 contractors a night.

This is the new wines and spirits area:


My birthday month, but was pretty boring due to being on nights on my birthday. Christine and I went surfing at the end of the month, I got a flat tire on the way there. Didn’t even know, just thought my car felt weird. A man told us when we pulled up at some traffic lights. We then stopped at this caravan company and asked if they had some men to help us. They put my spare on and directed me to a place I could get a new one. We coloured in colouring books while we waited and then set off for surfing, it was AMAZING but hard work. I ached so much thte next day! My knees got so bruised!


Apparently nothing happened in August. I have no videos/photos or anything! Apart from I burnt my face on my GHD’s.


In September we went to London for 3 days. We stayed with Lilly’s aunts in this AMAZING house, had fun with their family, went to the Harry Potter Studio tour which is my fav place in the world and also took a trip into London. I also got my iPhone 5 =)

Vlog here =)


We celebrated halloween. I dressed up in a Harry Potter costume! I lost my cloak though =(


Black Ops 2 came out! and I got my Mac Mini =)

Also met up with Donna, went to the Christmas market, went on a carousel and went bowling =)

This is also the month my ceiling fell in =(


Lillys birthday was a big highlight! Blowing up all those balloons was so much fun. We went out for a meal and a boogie =)

Then of course Christmas! Meeting up with Janine on Christmas Eve and seeing all of my family! and not forgetting, the giraffe onsie!


So that is basically my 2012. It was a fun year, it’s nice to go back and look through all the highlights!

Tell me the highlight of your year =)


  1. Fun year, I am not sure what the highlight of my year was, maybe learning to windsurf in Greece (I don’t have hardly any photos of Greece as it was an active watersports holiday so I was in the sea or doing sports every day and didn’t have camera with me, sad) Steve got some good ones between his action, may ask to pinch some 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂 2013, oooooh!!!

    Janine xx

  2. I love this idea,what an amazing year you have had:) All the best for 2013 hun, wishing you the very best xxx

  3. Looks like a good year (well, except for the ceiling and the burning). The highlight of my year was my trip to Poland and Berlin. Seems like a looooong time ago now! xx

    1. It’s weird how things can seem so far away in time, yet other things can seem like it was just yesterday!

      What else is weird – as I’m replying to this ‘kill your heros’ came on random :p

      Corinne x

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