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I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, one of my best friends has just moved there and we are going to visit one day. I’d love…


I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, one of my best friends has just moved there and we are going to visit one day. I’d love to do a fly drive Canada holiday. The country is known for its stunning landscapes, wildlife, and vibrant cities. Canada offers endless possibilities for exploration – being able to explore it when we please seems ideal.

But I find the idea of planning a self-drive holiday can be overwhelming and I’m sure you do too, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know to plan the perfect fly drive Canada holiday.

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Why Choose a Fly Drive Canada Holiday?

A Canada fly drive holiday offers the flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace. It allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of Canada’s landscapes like the snow-capped mountains, pristine forests and picturesque coastlines. The well-maintained highways provide easy access to the country’s most iconic destinations. What a road trip!

Planning Your Route

Before you go on your fly drive Canada holiday, you should plan your route. Start by making a list of the main attractions and landmarks you want to visit. This will help you map out a route that ensures you don’t miss any must-see sights. Consider the duration of your trip and allocate sufficient time for each destination to fully appreciate its beauty. You should also to book your accommodation in advance, as popular hotels and campsites can fill up quickly.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

When it comes to choosing a vehicle for your fly drive Canada holiday, consider the specific needs of your family or friends who are going. Canadian Affair, in partnership with Avis, offers a range of car options, from compact cars to 4x4s, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your journey. Pickups are available in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, allowing you to start your adventure from wherever suits you.

Navigating with GPS

One of the most important tools for a successful fly drive holiday in Canada is a reliable GPS system. Getting lost can be very stressful and cost you precious time, so it’s crucial to have a navigation device that guides you accurately. Many rental vehicles come equipped with built-in GPS systems for your convenience. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, consider bringing your own GPS device with worldwide maps so you stay on track, especially in remote areas where phone signals may be unreliable.

Allowing Enough Time

Canada is a large country with a lot of natural wonders and attractions. To make the most of your fly drive holiday, prioritise your stops and make sure you have enough time for each destination. Avoid rushing from one place to another, as you’ll miss out on experiencing the beauty and charm of each location. Take the advice of experienced travellers and allow yourself plenty of time to explore, hike, and immerse yourself in the Canadian wilderness. It can be tempting to try and cram as much in as possible, but it can get stressful if you’re rushing around! If you enjoy your trip to this beautiful country, you may decide to move there and start a business in Canada on your own, benefiting from the local opportunities. 

Embracing Spontaneity

While it’s essential to plan your route and make a list of must-see attractions, don’t forget to leave room (and time!) for spontaneity. Some of the most memorable moments of a holiday like this come from unexpected discoveries. Be open to taking random stops along the way, whether it’s stumbling upon a hidden gem, encountering wildlife, trying a local restaurant, or even taking a moment to explore tobacco-free shisha flavours. Embrace the joy of exploring off the beaten path and let serendipity guide your journey.

Beautiful View of Moraine Lake

Canada offers a wide range of driving routes, each with its own unique charms and attractions. Here are some of the most popular routes to consider for your driving holiday in Canada:

1. Calgary to Vancouver

Take a road trip from Calgary to Vancouver to experience the best of Western Canada. This route takes you through breathtaking landscapes, including Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Whistler, and Vancouver Island. Take your time to soak in the incredible scenery and explore the national parks along the way. With a two-week holiday, you can get to know the beauty of British Columbia and Alberta.

2. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

If you are looking for a scenic coastal drive, the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is a must-visit destination. This 185-mile route offers stunning views of rugged coastlines, highlands, and picturesque villages. Explore Cape Breton Highlands National Park, go hiking, cycling, or whale watching, and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Cabot Trail is a true gem for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

3. Golden Circle Route, Yukon

Enter the Golden Circle Route in Yukon and be amazed by its natural beauty. This route takes you through gold rush towns, majestic mountain ranges, and crystal-clear lakes. Enjoy activities like hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife viewing. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unique culture of the First Nations. The Golden Circle Route is an adventure you won’t forget.

4. The Sea to Sky Highway

One of the world’s most picturesque drives, the Sea to Sky Highway, offers breathtaking views of Canada’s Pacific Coast. Starting from Vancouver, this route takes you to the Coast Mountains and Whistler, a renowned mountain resort. Along the way, stop at Brandywine Falls, Garibaldi Lake, Alice Lake, and Shannon Falls. Don’t forget to ride the Sea to Sky Gondola for a bird’s-eye view of the stunning landscape.

Start Planning Your Fly Drive Canada Holiday

With its awe-inspiring landscapes and endless possibilities for adventure, Canada is the perfect destination for a fly-drive holiday. Whether you choose to explore the stunning Rockies, the rugged coastlines of the Maritimes, or the vibrant cities of the East Coast, there’s something for everyone in this vast country. Start planning your Canada fly drive holiday today and get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Looking for a holiday closer to home? Check out my post about the Canary Islands.


  1. We’ve long wanted to visit Canada together and thought that a fly-drive would be perfect as we love the freedom of the road. Lots of options to consider here, both on the east and west coasts.

  2. This sounds like an amazing type of holiday. I’d also love to go to Canada, it looks almost too beautiful to be real!

  3. Canada has been on my bucket list for ages, we want to visit Toronto and also try to see some whales. Hadn’t considered a fly drive holiday though, so this was really helpful, thank you!

  4. Obviously totally different, but this reminds me so much of our North Coast 500 trip up in Scotland. Embracing spontaneity was a big thing for us. We had the route planned and a desired stop off each night, but there were a few times we went off track after finding certain things we wanted to visit. We’ve spoken about doing route 66 a few times, although with the kids now that’d be more difficult.


  5. I visited Vancouver when I was 9 years old in 1995. I missed that city so much. And wish to travel to Canada again in the future. I really hope that will happened.

  6. I live within a reasonable driving/travelling distance from one part of the Canadian border so could make a trip to see some of the sites near there. I love the idea of seeing some of the nature that can be experienced there – wonderful!

  7. We are visiting canada this year for holiday and this is perfect for us. I will keep these in mind and save them. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I like canada this year for holiday and this perfect for us a need in canada worek visa

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