Best Compact Washer and Dryer for Tiny House

Tiny house living starts with downsizing your lifestyle to ensure you can live in a small, compact space efficiently. Making a tiny house your permanent…


Tiny house living starts with downsizing your lifestyle to ensure you can live in a small, compact space efficiently. Making a tiny house your permanent home requires you to prioritise resourcefulness, sustainability, and minimalism to make the most of your small space.

Some tiny house occupants rely on dry cleaning and laundry delivery services for their laundry needs, as they are not yet ready to invest in a compact washer and dryer. If you want to become independent of laundry services, start saving for a compact washer and dryer. 

Here are a few best options for compact washers and dryers for your tiny home.

BLACK + DECKER (BPWM09W) Portable Laundry Washing Machine

This compact laundry washer is ideal for your tiny home. It has five wash cycles and three water settings that work efficiently for your laundry needs. You do not have to worry about doing it in a small space late at night; the washer does not make any noise when used. 

The only disadvantage for tiny house owners is this unit does not have a dry selection. You have to air dry your laundry outside your tiny house or invest in a collapsible dry rack. If this is an issue for you, you should check out a washer and dryer combo or a stackable washer and dryer to have all your needs.

This washing machine may fit in the laundry space of your tiny house, but a front-loading washer and dryer best suit a tiny house arrangement.

Equator 110V Compact Laundry Centre

It would be best if we could find a washer and dryer combination. In the meantime, here is a compact and stackable washer and dryer that could easily snug into the small spaces of your tiny home. This is better than the previous option because of its front-loading feature; you can conveniently load your garments.

The same as the BLACK + DECKER, the Equator does not make any noise. Its quiet mode does not go beyond 60 dB. Noise is a concern when you are living in a tiny house. You do not have to worry about washing your work clothes at night while your partner and children are asleep. 

Finding the appropriate washer and dryer for your tiny house is challenging. Hence, we are only down to two compact washers and dryers, but you can check more options for compact washers and dryers; make sure to consider the load capacity and unit dimension of the washer and dryer you are about to purchase. 

Check out these features when looking for a washer and dryer for your tiny house:

  • Features are simple to use.
  • No noise when used.
  • Energy and water saving mode.
  • Load capacity.

Final Takeaway

Despite the vast options of washers and dryers at the store, only a few compact ones are ideal for your tiny space. Yet, you have to make an effort on bringing home one, as having a washer and dryer in your tiny home gives you more convenience on laundry days. You can now only rely on a dry cleaner and laundry service provider on hectic days. 

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