Content AI from Rank Math – a review

Content AI Rank Math is something I’ve been so excited about! It’s been launched for a few months now and is just another reason why…


Content AI Rank Math is something I’ve been so excited about! It’s been launched for a few months now and is just another reason why I’m glad I made the swap from Yoast to Rank Math for my WordPress SEO plugin.

rank math content AI review

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is an SEO tool for WordPress which has lots of different tools to help your website rank. It’s got analytics, a site audit, suggestions for on-page SEO and now has just launched a Content AI tool.

I have a more detailed blog post all about Rank Math here – Rank Math Review.

What is Content AI from Rank Math?

When you see the word content AI, don’t confuse it with an AI writer. Rank Maths Content AI isn’t a way to write a blog post through AI. But it’s a way to get better rankings for your keywords by following its suggestions.

How does Content AI Work?

The Content AI tool in Rank Math is a little bit like the content assistant in Keysearch. When you ask Content AI to research a keyword, Rank Math uses an algorithm that analyses the keyword by looking at the content that already ranks to bring you smart suggestions to put in your content.

This gives your article the best chance of ranking for that word.

Content AI Score

RankMath Content AI ranks your post out of 100. This is a separate score to what Rank Math uses and it is based on different information.

Content AI Controls

Here are the suggestions Content AI gives you.

rank math content ai - controls

Word Count

Content AI suggests how many words your post should have to have the best chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

Click on this option and it will advise how many internal and external links to include in the article.

Heading Count

This tells you how many H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags you should use.

Media Count

Thie media count advises how many images and videos should be in your content.


This tells you what keywords you should include. There’s a drop-down menu that tells you if these keywords should be in the content, heading, SEO title or description.


There’s a section of common questions that relate to your keywords. These may be handy to use in an FAQ section of your blog post.

This suggests some high authority related links that you can use to give your article credibility.

These give further keywords that you may wish to add to your content.

laptop on a desk with plants (rank math content ai)

How much does RankMath Content AI cost?

Every time you research a keyword, it uses a content AI credit.

You get free credits with your subscription so you can try the service out.

  • Pro subscription – 15 free credits
  • Business -125 free credits
  • Agency – 600 free credits

Buy more Content AI credits

If you want to buy more, then you can buy extra credits here. The credits last a year. I decided to buy 150, which seems a good amount for me as I write about 3 blog posts a week.

I don’t always do full SEO research – it depends on the blog post. This should leave me a few credits to play with for updating old posts and my other blogs.

You can buy either 50, 150 or 450. I would have bought 450 if they didn’t expire after a year.

Rank Math Content AI Tool Review

So, how have found this new content AI feature?

Previously, I would use the content assistant within Keysearch which does a similar job. It gives similar suggestions on word count, keywords and other factors to help your content rank well. The main difference is that this assistant is within Keysearch, not your WordPress editor. You can cut and paste your text in the content assistant and it will check off the keywords that you do have in your content from the suggested keyword box.

But the fact that Rank Maths Content AI is within the WordPress post editor makes it better for me. It’s just easier to have it all in one place and to see the score change in real-time as I type my blog posts.

Although the results in the Keysearch content assistant vs Rank Math Content AI do vary if time allows you can always run the test on both.

It’s a great way to get ideas on how to increase the word count of your blog post while still adding value.

So far I’m really impressed with Rank Math and this new Content AI. I’m excited to see how Rank Math changes for the better over the next few years. Does ai content rank? Well, it’s too soon to tell. But you will certainly have a better chance of ranking with Rank Math AI!

Have you tried Rank Math Content AI yet?


  1. I’m totally fascinated by this concept. I’ll admit that keyword research and SEO have been something that kind of confuses me, especially as someone who doesn’t blog about blogging (which is what a lot of SEO tip articles focus on). However, an option like this seems a lot easier to work with. I may have to give it a trial run!

  2. I saw Content AI mentioned but I did not know it properly. It sounds so useful! All the info in one place, right in our editor, to help us. It can let us focus on writing instead of doing research and that’s huge.

  3. Thanks for your post on Content AI by rankmath. Really informative. But, i will like to know if 50 credit can last a year, if i post on my website everyday?

  4. Or rather, how many Content AI credit will be sufficient for a website in year? Thanks for your response in advance!

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