9 tips for finding time to blog when you have a baby

AD| Hello, I’m here to remind you AGAIN that I had a baby in November. He’s super cute, but also super demanding! One of the…


AD| Hello, I’m here to remind you AGAIN that I had a baby in November. He’s super cute, but also super demanding!

One of the hardest things about having a baby is that it’s so difficult to do anything! You can absolutely guarantee that the second you need to do something, your sleeping baby will wake up. Or you already-awake-but-happy baby will cry or poo. They’ve got it down to a fine art!

The first few weeks of my son’s lives, I allowed myself to just go with the flow. I set no goals and had no expectations of what I would accomplish on a daily basis, other than basic things like eating and having a shower!

After a few weeks, I started wanting a bit more time to blog and play piano. I just needed a bit of ME time back. I was getting inspired again and that passion to blog and create content came back to me. But when I managed to get a few seconds to myself, I found it even more frustrating because that time was often interrupted.

I honestly had no idea how demanding one little baby would be.

So, here are some of my tips to enable you to still blog with a baby.

pinterest image finding time to blog when you have a baby


This one is a no brainer. Your baby naps, you blog!

The trick is to make the most of this time. If your baby is anything like mine, you will be lucky to get 30 minutes of time on your computer because your baby contact naps.

He sleeps well on me, but when put down, he wakes up!

So you need to make sure that when you do get a chance to load up your computer – you don’t waste it faffing with other things, or doing things you could be doing on your phone.

Make use of awake time!

If you’re thinking ‘but when my baby naps, I have to clean/shower/make dinner’. – I hear you, but try to think which of these tasks you can do when the baby is awake.

I often wash the pots while the baby is in his bouncer watching. Or clean and put the washing out. He LOVES to watch everything I am doing. As I am doing these tasks, I sing little songs telling him what I am doing and showing him things like the cups and plates and he smiles and giggles!

Same with cooking, I can show him all the food too and what it’s called.

I can’t do this for hours on end, but in a few short sessions a day I can usually do a hoover around, wash posts and kitchen sides and put a few loads of washing in. It basically allows me to keep on top of things during the week until we have a deep clean at the weekend.

I also have baths with him, it’s fun as he loves to splash about and it means I save a bit of time by:

  • not having to use nap time/time my partner is home
  • not having to bath him later

It was a bit awkward to get a system sorted when are alone, if my partner is home he will bring me Leo and then take him when we are done. If we are alone, I have his bouncer with a towel in by the bath and put him in that while I get in and out so I don’t slip trying to carry him.

blogging with a baby image and marsh & mallow snack

Using your phone to comment on other blogs

I like to visit blogs and comment on them at least once a week to keep my little community going! I have a bookmark folder on my laptop with all my favourite blogs saved, but I’ve recently started saving them on the phone app too so I can comment during feeds and when the baby is on me.

Notes app

There are lots of apps and things you can get for productivity, but I like the notes app on my iPhone.

I have different notes for different things:

  • Blog ideas
  • Instagram ideas/splan
  • Admin tasks

I sometimes even start a new note and will start putting a blog post together.

It syncs to my laptop so it’s easy to cut and paste anything into a blog post.

This means if I’m suddenly hit with an ‘oh I need to do this’ I can quickly add it to my list for later, or start structuring out a blog post during nap times.

Edit photos on your phone and upload

I take my photo with my iPhone 11 pro, edit in lightroom and then upload them straight to my blog from my phone.

You can airdrop them to your laptop, but if I’m nap trapped and pushed for time, I’ll just log into my admin panel on my phone and upload them into a draft post there. It’s just less thing to do on the computer.

Social media management

I think most of us use social media mainly on our phones (that’s a lot of m’s!), but I try to make use of the time I’m feeding Leo or if he’s napping on me. I’ll do things that are good for growth and networking rather than wasting time on other things, such as candy crush!

blogging with a baby image and marsh & mallow snack

Snacks and drinks.

I always have snacks and drinks available! This just means that if you do manage to get your baby down, you can just get straight online and have a nibble, or if your baby is on your, you can stay put for a while with your phone one hand and your baby on another.

I love these Mallow & Marsh snacks that were in the latest Degustabox. A light and tasty snack to munch on while proofreading!

Allow your plans to change.

Do not make the mistake of trying to post on set days or times. It just doesn’t work like that! Ideally, I like to post 3 times a week. I don’t really have set days, just aim to post two or three days apart. If you give yourself time-related goals, you’ll just get frustrated when you can’t do them!

Remember what’s important.

The most important thing is your baby. The blog can wait. If your baby needs your attention or a cuddle, then put the laptop and phone down and enjoy your beautiful baby! We have to work around them and remember it’s not forever!

blogging with a baby image and marsh & mallow snack

Hope you found these tips useful! Let me know yours!

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  1. such a great post! It is such a wise move to make the most of any spare minutes, always surprising how much you can get through! Thanks for this :)x

  2. I can only imagine how hard it must be!I really admire how you still able to blog! Managing time is definitely key.

    Candice x


  3. You’re so right! I remember reading a quote before which was something like ‘it’s easy to look after a baby, it’s just fitting everything else in which is difficult’ & it’s SOO true! I think we just do what we can to get by don’t we. Haha. You’re doing so well!


  4. Very sweet. You’re managing with a baby that is a motivation for many who would give up for months on end. I loved the look of the candy bar even before u did the close up shot. Also I hope and wish to also see my blog in your fav bookmarks folder in the future. And yea, the time your baby naps, other than being productive, there’s one more thing people would do and that is take the nap themselves. For all the sleep deprivation moments they experience with a baby. But yea that would forego blogging productivity. And that was ur aim to bring it in their minds to think about this option too and not to nap everytime the baby sleeps. Liked reading your post. <3
    Isa A. Blogger

  5. Firstly, huge congratulations, Leo looks absolutely adorable! I didn’t have my blog when I had my daughter, but I know these tips would have been so helpful although you’re absolutely right, the most important thing is your baby 🙂 X

    Lisa | https://www.lisasnotebook.com

  6. I started my blog after I had my daughter & I completely agree with these! I would often work on my blog on my laptop when she was sleeping in the evenings & I would be on my phone during other times. I also had a bouncer too that she would be in while I was in the kitchen. I 100% agree the blog can wait too!

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