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Piano Update // a year of lessons

Before I give birth and won’t have much time to update OR play the piano, I thought now would be a great time to do a piano update! I did my last one in November when I had only been playing for 3 months.

yamaha clp625 piano update

So, as you can see I have a new piano! The one I started with was just a beginner one, as soon as I realised I wanted to carry one playing piano forever and ever and ever because I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I decided to invest in a more expensive one with better specs. This is a digital piano but feels much more realistic, the weighted keys are close to a real piano! I found it hard using my old piano than playing on my teachers baby grand as the contrast was so big, but this one is much better.

So I carried on having lessons ever two weeks until April when I got pregnant, then I had to take a break because I was too ill with morning sickness. I started back after maybe two months off? Initially with a lesson every two weeks but then upped it to every week – this is only because I was working from home and had more time, plus I knew that once the baby arrives I won’t have as much time and have to stop lessons so wanted to make the most of it! We have been having lessons over Skype due to the Covid, which is fine by me as I’ve not wanted to leave much during pregnancy anyway.

In my last update, I was working at around a grade 3. Now I am playing grade 5 music! Some of it is a challenge, but so was the grade 3 stuff when I first started it.

Here’s some of my recent pieces:


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Full version of Arietta. I love this piece! ❤️

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Sonatina in A Minor by George Benda. . Sorry about the belly. 8 months pregnant 😓.

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First minute of A Walk at Strumble Head by Gareth Balch. A grade 5 trinity piece (2018-20) 👍

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  • Jennifer Marston

    You play so well! I love the piano. I had lessons when I was like… 6? For a couple of years but then stopped. I obviously can’t remember why as I was so young but I wish it was something I carried on with, it’s such a beautiful instrument. And the piano you bought is so beautiful!

  • Kezzie

    I’m so annoyed! I typed a very long comment on this last week and it seems to have vanished! Stupid tablet!!!
    What I originally said was that I am so impressed how dedicated you have been to improving at the piano. It’s been great to see you learn and as a music teacher, I find it inspirational to see how you have persevered with it- I wish that some of the children in my school were so dedicated as they would make progress too!
    I really like that Grieg piece! I’d like to learn that. I remembered that when I did my Grade 7 piano, I played a wonderful Grieg piece called Puck which I really loved- it was really evocative of the character of Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream and very satisfying to play.

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