Degustabox May – BBQ!

This months box is a BBQ snacking theme. Great for this time of year with this lovely weather we’ve been having (although where has that gone now?). Although we can’t have big BBQs with friends and family over right now, we can still have them with those that we live with.

If you would like to get a box, you can get £3 off with the code: E1MWX from Degustabox.

Juicy Jelly Pouch – Hartleys.

I’ve never had these before but they’re really nice! Refreshing and easy to eat, great for picnics or lunch boxes.

Hazelnut & Nougat Protein Bar – Barebells

This was so delicious! I had it after a workout and it hardly tasted like a protein bar.

Crianza Rioja – Beronia

Yum, red wine, something I miss so much. I’ve put this away and it might be a treat I have when I’ve had the baby. My first wine, I can’t wait!


Sea Salt, Dark Choc & Almond – YES!

These healthy snacks are suitable for vegetarians and a great way to keep hunger at bay between meals, or a good snack after a workout!

Skinny Tonic

These cans come in many flavours and are a great mixer. Of course, these are another one I donated to the boyfriend-bin as I’m off gin at the moment!

Energy Drinks – Xite

I’m generally quite sensitive to energy drinks and even more so now I’m off caffeine, so these are gifted to my boyfriend. They are a healthier spin on regular drinks with no sugar, so great if you want to get rid of that brain fog without adding too many calories!

Original / chilli and lime – Mission Street Tacos

We made our own street tacos out using these. It was a bit of mix of things we had in the cupboards to use up and they turned out great. I’ve got a post coming on them soon!

Fat-Free Salad Dressing / House Salad Dressing Hellmann’s

I’m not new to these and have used them many times. We’re having more salad lately so these are such a welcome treat to spice up a boring salad.

Original BBQ Sauce

My boyfriend loves this stuff and puts it on everything! Wings, steak, salad, burger – ANYTHING!

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