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A Guide to using Content Marketing Thoughtfully

There’s been a big move towards content marketing in recent years. By adding value and constantly updating your blog or website, the theory is that…


There’s been a big move towards content marketing in recent years. By adding value and constantly updating your blog or website, the theory is that more and more people will be directed to your space. As you continue to grow, Google will rank you higher over time, and ideally, it should be cyclical: the more you grow, the more you continue to grow. 

But here’s the reality: if you are using content marketing without being thoughtful about how you’re approaching it, you don’t have a headstart on your competitors at all. If the goal of your blog is to reach a set number of eyes, you need to be more considerate about how you’re approaching your blog. 

The difficult questions

Ask yourself these hard questions: Are you doing anything differently than what other bloggers are doing? Is the content you’re creating any different from what already exists online? 

If your content marketing isn’t working, this is what you really need to consider. Stop content marketing for the sake of content marketing; in the era of anyone-can-be-a-blogger, your content needs to add real value to other people’s lives to stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy to hear, but it is reality. 

So, how can you stand out from the crowd of other bloggers? What can actually set you apart? 

Quality over quantity

First, move back to focusing on quality over quantity. This means that you need to compose considerate blog posts or newsletters, not just generic regurgitated information.

It also means your website needs to appear professional, even if it’s just a hobby for you. Consider using a professional service like a start up web design to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. 

Make readers care about what you’re providing

You can not please everyone. Seriously. If you try, you won’t please anyone. Being generic isn’t good enough in 2020. You need to strive to be authentic and find a distinct niche

We’ve all seen those Instagram accounts that are littered with dog pictures, gym poses, winery visits, and family pictures with no clear distinction of what the purpose is. If you know this person in real life, you might follow them. But if you stumbled across their Instagram account while scrolling, what’s the likelihood you would be drawn in? It’s unlikely, right? That’s the same case for a blog or website. Nobody cares about a generic blog without a niche. 

Now, in that niche, in each piece of content you create, sneak in at least one tidbit that makes a reader say, “Ah-ha!” That ah-ha moment is what is going to bring readers back again and again; it’s the way to convince readers to care about the content you’re providing. 

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Think outside the box

If your content is solid information, but it’s getting lost in the sea of other blogs and websites, think creatively. 

What new media could you utilize to reach viewers? You might not want to start a Tik-Tok account if you’re a middle-aged individual trying to teach people how to use ingredients they can find locally. That’s why you should. I’m not advocating that everyone should suddenly open up a TikTok account. I’m advocating that you should be thinking creatively, whether that be using a new social media, starting a podcast instead of a YouTube channel, or even using Google Ads instead of posting on FaceBook. 

Stop doing what everyone in your competition is already doing. It won’t work. Start thinking creatively. Every piece of content you put out into the world should be within your niche and add actual value. Yes, quantity matters in content marketing. But good quality information is priceless. 

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  1. With all the content that’s floating on the world wide web these days, it’s definitely difficult to make readers care about what you’re providing. This is usually one of the struggles whenever i start a new content marketing campaign; and not one technique can be used for everything. I guess the challenge is and always will be to make the campaign as authentic as possible. If check out, you will see how every campaign is different from one another.

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