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The 24 hours that changed my life completely

On Monday, I published a blog post about how to keep a positive mindset when everything else is going wrong. I spoke about how I…


On Monday, I published a blog post about how to keep a positive mindset when everything else is going wrong.

I spoke about how I was having a bit of a rough time but I knew things would get better in the end. I just wasn’t sure when. Well, little did I know that shortly after writing that post, things would change for me very quickly!

I wanted to share this story to give hope to those that may be experiencing similar things, or feeling overwhelmed in life like everything is against you.

The 24 hours that changed my life completely

You know, like when you’re just tootling along fine and the next thing you know you’ve hurt your back and damaged your car and are stressed at work and have lots of interviews and assignments and then you fail your MOT and you need to work Sunday to catch up with crap but don’t know how you’re gonna get there with no MOT and you’ve not exercised in 2 weeks and keep eating peanut butter cups and you feel like everything is THE WORST THING EVER.

That’s basically what happened.

After my food poisoning incident, I lost a bit of strength at the gym which got me down. I was working hard to get it back up. Then, during a PT session, I picked a 50kg bar up and moved in a funny way and my back just went.

We had to stop my session. I could hardly move. I couldn’t even bend down to take my gym pants off or shoes. I managed to get home – thankfully, it’s only a short journey. I struggled to get out of the car but managed it. Got into the kitchen and just stood there. I was in pain but it hurt to sit down. I knew I wouldn’t get up again. I ended up having to call in sick.

The 24 hours that changed my life completely

I spent the day on the sofa. Every position hurt. I had to crawl up the stairs and pull myself up. I was worried about how long I’d be like that for. Thankfully, things got a bit better and the next week I was able to go to work, but I was still in pain.

I went back to work and had a tough time. Overwhelming workload and plenty of frustrations. I had an interview to worry about and felt like I had no time to think. I damaged my car on a trolley bay in Morrisons, I had my MOT and the damage caused it to fail. I had two days to get it sorted or I wouldn’t be able to drive my car. And I commute from a different city so public transport would mean 2 buses and a train. And I was having to work Sunday because of my workload and if my car wasn’t fixed, I wouldn’t be able to.

The MOT failure was just the icing on the cake.

Not only did it fail, but the service I got was rubbish! They did the service and MOT later than expected so I got my car back late – also they messed up my air con! They were meant to recharge it but ended up not having enough time and now it just hisses and blows warm air. LOL.

I called a garaged near where I live and they said they might be able to sort my car for me on Saturday but would need to see it first. So I had to take it after work on Friday.

I got home late, laid on my bed and didn’t want to move. Everything got to me and I felt like I was being suffocated.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I went to bed at 10, woke up at 1:30 am worrying about my car and couldn’t get back to sleep. Then I was worried about not being able to sleep. I had to get up at 5:30 and felt exhausted. This didn’t help my mood one bit.

I had a missed call at 11 am on Friday and didn’t think anything of it because I get so many random phonecalls selling PPI and rubbish like that. So, I continued with my day.

Took my car after work and the guy was like ‘I had no idea why that failed. Can fix it in 30 mins for you, will probably cost £30 and then we can retest it.’

It was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders! I was SO HAPPY. Something was finally going right. I could see THE LIGHT and the end of the tunnel.

The 24 hours that changed my life completely

I left my car there and started walking home. When I was flicking through my phone I noticed I had a voicemail from that missed call earlier. It didn’t give me the notification before. So I listened to it.

It was from someone that interviewed me the day before I hurt my back asking me to call him back.

I called him back.

He offered me the job.

I couldn’t believe it! Another happy thing!

I basically ran home after that, cold my boyfriend, hugged him and he said he could feel my heart beating fast.

We were staying at a friends house that night, we went out, had a lovely meal, had fun, drank beer. Fantastic!

The 24 hours that changed my life completely


The 24 hours that changed my life completely

The next day, we came home and I went to get my car.

He said he couldn’t charge me for fixing it because it only took 5 minutes and they’re not a body repair shop, just for the MOT.

Even better luck!

So I got in my car and I drove to the gym and did my first workout in almost two weeks.

In the space of 24 hours I had gone from:

  • Feeling crap about myself for not exercising
  • Stressed at work
  • In a job that made me unhappy
  • Car broken and MOT almost ran out
  • Feeling like my world was crumbling down


  • Finding out car will get fixed!
  • Offered a job that sounds perfect for me!
  • Didn’t get charged for the car getting fixed!
  • Back to the gym!

The 24 hours that changed my life completely

So it just goes to show that what I said the other day, that things do get better, is actually true!


  1. Yikes! What a physical and emotional rollercoaster you went through!
    What a relief that everything turned out as well as it did!
    P.S.: You look fabulous posing for that selfie in your very fashionable and attractive activewear OOTD!!!

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