york dungeons

York Dungeons

I finally made it to the York Dungeons during my third year of living here! My boyfriends’ little sister came to visit with her boyfriend and they really wanted to go. So we booked the tickets and went.

I was really scared because I thought it was like something in the dark that you walk through and people come out and scare you. But it wasn’t that scary at all. I can see how some younger people might find it scary.

There are around 12 different rooms that you go in. Each room has a live actor that tells you a story about something that happened, some of them are pretty awful/grim/gory. They are very creepy and some parts are jumpy. There are sound effects and lights go out in places, the actors sneak about in the dark and appear in different places. They do pick on people to come up and get into cages and things! Thankfully I wasn’t picked for anything. Phew.

It was a lot of fun, it’s cheaper to book online so make sure you do in advance. It lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes it’s worth the £15 or so that it costs! I think small children would be afraid.

Sidenote: someone in our group was in a wheelchair and they were really helpful in getting her to each room. 

York Dungeons

York Dungeons

York Dungeons

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