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Our new build house with Persimmons

Updates: See the following two posts for updates on my Persimmon home after moving in. My experience buying a Persimmons home My experience 18 months…



See the following two posts for updates on my Persimmon home after moving in.


We bought a house.

Our new build house with Persimmons

Well, almost. We’ve reserved a house, picked all the kitchen, flooring and extras. We’ve got an agreement in principle from a bank, have agreed a sale on the current house (to part exchange to Persimmons) and we’re getting the ball rolling with the mortgage application.

It all happened quickly! We had looked at a house we wanted from a Redrow property. We booked an appointment to discuss reserving it and having a bit of poor service, we decided not to go with them. I had seen a house on Right Move the day we had an email from our mortgage advisor about what price range we would be able to look at.

I didn’t realise at the time, but it was a new build. It was in the area of York we wanted to live in so we popped down on Sunday to see it.

Our new build house with Persimmons

We stepped into the marketing suit, spoke to the advisors about what we had seen and what we were looking for. They talked us through the part exchange process and we walked out having the house on hold for us while they sent around some estate agents to value our current home the following week.

We were advised of a similar home in a nearby new build site, it was basically the same house as ours but where we had loft space, there was a 4th bedroom.

We drove to it, looked around and fell in love.

We were advised to call up one of their mortgage companies to tell them we were interested and find out if we would be able to afford it. After a 40-minute call going through our finances, she did a credit check, said we would be able to get the house and then an email with an agreement in principle from Halifax landed in our inbox!

We spent the week thinking about that house constantly. We were nervous about the viewings for the current house.

They sent 2 local estate agents and a New Homes estate agent then offered us a price based on those. It was less than we wanted, but after expressing our disappointment in the offer they agreed to pay our stamp duty and give us some free upgrades. That, on top of not having to pay estate agent fees, plus not having the stress of having to sell the house ourselves and get all the timings right meant that it was worth it.

We went in on Sunday and signed all the paperwork.

Monday we went back to pick the kitchen, flooring and extras and also had a chance to look around the house in its current state!

We’re hoping to move in at the end of April or May.

Our new build house with Persimmons Our new build house with Persimmons Our new build house with Persimmons     Our new build house with Persimmons

We’ve submitted the mortgage application and I’m not going to lie, it’s stressful having to think about everything spend. We have to wait around two weeks to see if we get offered a mortgage so it’s not even a done deal yet.

That’s the worst part. We are both thinking about it constantly and hoping for an answer because it would be really crap if it all falls through!

After this stress, there’ll be the stress of the completion date. I expect it’s going to be stressful until the day we get the keys!


  1. One of my friends has just moved into a new build with Persimmons – They’ve moved to Sherburn & the house is lovely!
    There’s nothing about moving house that isn’t stressful, but you’ll be in before you know it & It’ll all be worth it!


  2. Good Luck! How exciting!!!! I hope the application goes ok! Is that Mr Corinne? He’s very handsome!

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