How to take back your motivation and passion for blogging

It’s awful, isn’t it? You’ve finally got a Sunday to yourself and you think hurrah, I can get some blogging done! But then you sit…


How to take back your motivation and passion for blogging

It’s awful, isn’t it? You’ve finally got a Sunday to yourself and you think hurrah, I can get some blogging done! But then you sit down and draw a blank.

Whether you can’t come up with an idea for a post or you have the idea and you can’t seem to get a sentence out, we’ve all been there.

In fact, it’s happening to me right now.

How to take back your motivation and passion for blogging

I have a week off work and it’s the first time I’ve had time off work without any plans other than to gym and blog for almost a year. I was excited to have time to get my blog sorted for the next few weeks so I didn’t have to worry about it for a while.

I like to schedule lots of posts so I don’t need to come home and blog after work and the gym. This means I can just work on collaborations on my days off rather than other content. But after a few weeks, I run out of posts.

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t care about that. You just care about how to get your blogging mojo back, right?

So here are some tips.

Plan posts.

Open up a Word Document or notes and write down some titles. Don’t be too fussy about them because you can always edit them later down the line.

Some possible ideas:

  • List posts
  • Reviews
  • Photo diary
  • A life lesson
  • Holiday recap
  • Top songs/albums/films/TV shows
  • Tip posts
  • Recipes
  • Goals or bucket lists

Batch everything.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – batch batch batch.

This goes for photos, writing and scheduling social media. It’s a bit demotivating to be taking photos, uploading them, editing them, writing the post and then having to do it all again.

Just get it all over and done with at once so you have the photos edited and ready to go, then spend some time writing them all at the same time.

Get rid of distractions.

Think you can write a post while watching TV? Think again. It might be okay to have that episode of Family Guy on in the background that you’ve seen a hundred times, but watching something new is pointless.

You’re either going to write your blog post or not listen, or keep looking up at the TV and disrupts your flow.

This goes for email notifications on your laptop, Whatsapp web open in the corner and the radio.

Switch off and see how much further you get.

Take notes.

If your post requires you to do research, stop binge reading and trying to put it all together at the end. It’s overwhelming. Read a few articles and note down the things you want to mention from each one, including key facts and figures.

Give yourself a set time.

You have 30 minutes to write this blog post.

Telling myself this helps me every time. Especially when I want to get a few written a day. I might even plan out my day in 30-minute blocks so I can see how much I can do.

If I finish on time, I can chill out. If I’m fannying around and not being productive, I have to carry on working.

Sometimes you have to be strict with yourself.

Inspirational reads.

Open your favourite blogs or find blog posts on Bloglovin for a bit of inspiration. Even Pinterest and Instagram can give you ideas for new content.

If you’re struggling, give yourself an hour of browsing time to catch up on your favourite sites and make note of anything that gives you the urge to write.

Tidy your workspace.

If you’re working in a dump then your brain is likely to be a dump. Make sure your workspace is clean and clear without clutter everywhere!

Allow yourself to rest.

You might just need some time to relax.

Don’t feel guilty about days of low motivation – instead, use that time to spend some time doing things you love.

Go for a walk, hit the gym, play video games, call a friend, have a bath. Look after yourself and give yourself time to recharge.

What are your tips for when you lack motivation?

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  1. I feel like have a structure that works for me helps a lot. But yeah its hard to stay motivated.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I usually write, draft and take pictures on the same days. I have tried doing everything in batch but I find my creativity very limited.

  3. Great tips. I find batch taking of pictures a real time saver. I can’t apply the same process to content not sure why. Distractions means writing a post takes me an age Lucy x

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