ICONA MILANO Emotion Allowed

Icona Milano Emotion Allowed

ICONA MILANO Emotion Allowed is a mascara I’ve had hidden away in storage for yonks. It’s another Glossybox treat that I never got around to using because I have a massive queue of mascaras to try. The time finally came for this to be next up.

I’ve never heard of this brand before so had zero expectations. A quick Google of the brand told me nothing. Ziltch. All I got was that ICONA MILANO is an Italian brand of makeup that’s created for women of all ages.

The mascara is meant to be long-lasting with no smudges. It’s meant to be water, sweat, and humidity resistant – perfect for holidays or gym bunnies. It’s got a rich and creamy formula for an intense and bold look that is buildable.

It is not sneeze proof. I found that out the hard way. Just after putting it on I sneezed and that thing happened when you end up with dots of mascara under your eyes.

The mascara does nothing for length. It does help with volume a bit, but it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever tried. I wouldn’t say this is worth the £13 price tag. I’d put it more around a fiver. Not like I’m an expert in makeup prices.

In short, it’s okay.

The best part about it is it’s name.



Icona Milano Emotion Allowed

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