What You Need to Know about Aging Skin – Is There a Fountain of Youth

Getting old sucks. How did it happen so fast? If there is one thing we all know about aging skin, it would be the fact…


What You Need to Know about Aging Skin – Is There a Fountain of Youth

Getting old sucks. How did it happen so fast?

If there is one thing we all know about aging skin, it would be the fact that at some point in life you begin getting those tiny lines that can quickly become major crevices if you do not take steps to prevent them. Sometimes these problems begin early on, long before you would be considered ‘old’ by any stretch of the imagination, even during your 20s and 30s! Even so, no matter what age you are, there are common reasons why our skin ages, sometimes prematurely, and in defining those reasons we can then take steps to correct them.

So, you have begun noticing those tiny lines and are worried that you will soon look decades older than you really are. Is there a way to reverse the damage and more to the point, is there really a fountain of youth? As laughable as it sounds, perhaps there is a fountain of youth but each person’s fountain lies in a different direction. Let’s look at a few of the corrective measures you can take to get you back to where you were ten or even twenty years ago. Here’s a guide to your own personal fountain of youth.

Invasive and Non-invasive Surgical Procedures

We have all been known to quip, “What I need is a face lift” and we are only just half joking. Face lifts in the traditional sense are typically a procedure in which a doctor makes an incision on the far sides of your face, pulls the skin taught and stitches you back up again – in simplest terms. Some face lifts are completed via the knife and others are chemical formulations that lift. However, both have their drawbacks. The first is the fact that you have to undergo the knife and the second option is only quite temporary, perhaps not even lasting the day.

Botox Injections

Then there are Botox injections that plump the areas where those lines appear, seemingly putting moisture back into the skin. The unfortunate aspect here is that some Botox injections go very, very wrong so it’s believed to be better to avoid them altogether. If you have any doubts as to just what kind of damage a bad injection can cause, do a quick Internet search, if you haven’t already, to see some hideous results from Botox gone wrong.

Why Our Skin Ages

One of the main culprits in premature aging of our skin is the elements, of which UV rays from the sun are the most lethal. Wind and freezing temperatures do nothing for the state of our skin and so you have those to confront as well as the biological reasons for aging skin. Ultimately it is simply a matter of how our bodies stop producing collagen in adequate amounts to keep our skin supple. There are some natural remedies that can help with this but typically most women seek cosmetic ‘fixes’ that can come about much quicker, even after a single treatment.

A Look at Revolutionary Technology

Before talking about some of the natural ways in which to begin reversing the signs of aging, let’s look to technology. What scientists have found is that radio frequency can encourage the tightening of skin cells and it seems to work on two levels with a device like the Vivace. Of course, you will need to find a physician who offers this service, but what you will be experiencing is called ‘micro needling’ in which a tiny needle is used to introduce radio frequency, RF. Not only do those RF sound waves cause the skin to tighten, but they also revitalize cells that produce collagen. Technology at its very best and a noninvasive solution your doctor can provide!

Inadequate Rest & Worry

These two often go hand in hand when it comes to their effects on the skin. You’ve heard the expression ‘worry lines’ and we all know those are the results of frowning for extended periods of time, but did you know that sleep is a vital component in healthy skin? Literally every biological process in our body takes place or is enhanced during our rest cycle, so if you are not getting ample rest, those worry lines will deepen and before long you will be wearing a roadmap to China on your face. For younger, healthier skin, get plenty of rest and please, try not to stress so much! Stress/worry can make you look and feel years older than you really are.

Diet Is a Vital Component to Healthy Rejuvenated Skin

Just as some people are prone to acne when eating certain foods, some people are prone to premature aging because of the foods they eat. It is possible to mitigate the effects of those foods, even if you simply can’t stop eating them, by taking certain supplements or eating foods rich in antioxidants. The ultimate purpose of antioxidants is to pick up fee floating ions in the bloodstream, and then carry them out before they can do much harm. But what harm are they doing? Here is the point! Those free radicals are highly responsible for killing healthy skin cells that produce collagen! Eliminate the free radicals with antioxidants so that those cells can continue to produce collagen at adequate levels for many years to come.

Whether you approach it naturally, pharmaceutically or surgically, there are treatments for aging skin that really do work. They are not quite that fountain of youth you’ve been looking for, but they are the next best thing and can have you on your way to younger, smoother, firmer skin in a short period of time. Don’t let the ravages of time take their toll on you far too early. There are treatments available and things you can do at home that are found to be highly effective. It’s all in how you approach it and to what lengths you are willing to go. In any event, why not try the least invasive measures first? It’s easier (and cheaper) on everyone involved.


  1. With 30 around the corner I’ve had anti-aging on my mind! I don’t think I could ever get surgeries or botox injections but I’m all for lotions, potions and facials! Plus the odd day or two at the spa wouldn’t do me any harm either!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I say sunscreen plays one of the biggest parts in delaying aging too. You’ll be surprised at how much sun contributes towards aging.

  3. Hi Corrine!

    Great article! My skin cleared up a lot after changing my eating habits. I went keto and even lost a few pounds. Thanks for sharing this post.

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