Are you getting excited for your holiday? #HolidayHype

Are you getting excited your holiday? Did you know that only 31% of people get excited when packing for their holiday? And 1 in 3…


Are you getting excited your holiday? Did you know that only 31% of people get excited when packing for their holiday? And 1 in 3 women worry about their weight every day they’re on holiday?

Not cool, man.

Are You Getting Excited For Your Holiday?

Holidays should be exciting from the moment they’re booked, even more so when you’re packing. They should also be a time of feeling free and not caring about how you look. I mean, it’s nice to look and feel nice when you’re away, but you should be able to lunch around the pool with no makeup on without feeling self-conscious in a swim suit.

You don’t work hard all year around to afford a holiday, to feel naff about yourself the whole time your away!


The #HolidayHype campaign is all about encouraging people to get excited for their jollies and sharing the way they get excited while prepping for their holiday across social media with the #HolidayHype blog post.

When I go on holiday, I hype it up in several ways:

Getting excited for a holiday

  • Count down how many shifts left at work until my holiday.
  • Buy holiday clothes and blog my haul of them!
  • Write a list of everything I need to take with me.
  • Load the place I’m going onto my ‘Weather’ app and check it daily.
  • Start a Facebook group chat with the people I’m going to share the excitement.
  • Put a link to my hotel in my book marks and stalk the photos obsessively.
  • Make a playlist of holiday songs that remind me for previous trips – who else has ONE song from each holiday that is constantly played while away and brings back the memories when you come back?

I think the funniest way I prep has to be the Facebook chat. When I was going to Florida, we had one between the four of us. When I went to Cyprus with my family and some friends we had a massive chat, there were about 10 of us and it was great because not everyone had met each other.

Every time one of us got excited, we could share it with everyone else and we would all get chatting about the holiday and it really made the build-up massive – my brother had the app on his phone that counted down the holiday and sent screenshots every day, one of the guys went a week before us and sent us photos and told us the temperature – I’d recommend this totally if you’re going with a group of people!

How To Get Excited For A Holiday

Getting excited for a holiday can be a fun way to get ready for you trip. Here are some tips to help you build anticipation and excitement for your upcoming holiday:

  1. Plan Ahead: Start by planning your trip well in advance. Research your destination, create an itinerary, and make reservations for accommodations and activities. The more you plan, the more real and exciting the trip becomes.
  2. Visual Inspiration: Look at photos, videos, and travel blogs related to your destination. Seeing beautiful images and reading about the experiences of others can ignite your excitement.
  3. Countdown: Create a countdown to your holiday. You can use a physical calendar, a countdown app, or simply mark off the days on a wall calendar. Watching the days pass can build anticipation.
  4. Create a Vision Board: Collect images and mementos related to your trip and create a vision board. This can serve as a visual reminder of what you’re looking forward to.
  5. Learn About the Culture: Study the culture, history, and traditions of your destination. Learning about the local customs, cuisine, and language can make you feel more connected to the place you’re visiting.
  6. Pack Early: Packing can be a fun part of the pre-trip process. Organise your clothing, toiletries, and travel essentials. Consider creating a packing list to ensure you don’t forget anything important.
  7. Try New Recipes: Experiment with cooking dishes from your destination’s cuisine. This can be a delicious way to get excited and prepare your taste buds for the trip.
  8. Watch Travel Shows or Movies: Watch travel documentaries, TV shows, or movies set in your destination. This can give you a taste of what to expect and fuel your excitement.
  9. Plan Special Activities: Research and plan some special activities or experiences for your trip. Whether it’s a spa day, a hiking adventure, or a cultural tour, having exciting activities to look forward to can boost your enthusiasm.
  10. Share the Excitement: Share your travel plans with friends and family. Talking about your upcoming trip and hearing their enthusiasm can be infectious.
  11. Create a Travel Playlist: Compile a playlist of songs that remind you of your destination or put you in a vacation mood. Listening to this playlist can evoke positive emotions.
  12. Pack a Surprise: Pack a small surprise or treat for yourself to open when you arrive at your destination. It could be a book, a souvenir, or a special snack.
  13. Mindful Relaxation: Take some time to relax and meditate on the upcoming holiday. Visualize yourself enjoying the trip and all the wonderful experiences you’ll have.

Do you get excited going on holiday? How do you hype up your holiday? Be sure to share your favourite ways of getting using the #HolidayHype hashtag!

Oh, and all the photos are from my last holiday to Cyprus. And that’s me in the air. Amazing holiday that I was so excited for!

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  1. I leave on holiday tonight and I’m soooo excited. It’s my first time traveling with a friend here so double excitement points. Got the blog on auto-pilot and will just have to fill up my Buffer queue once while I’m away 😀

    Who is behind the #HolidayHype hashtag? This is the first I’ve heard of it!

  2. I’m going on a holiday tomorrow and I hype myself up by looking at the photos of the place! Then I read blogs that post about it and basically make a countdown myself!

  3. Honestly sad to hear about people worrying about weight and makeup – its just annoying that the pressure is there. I recently went to Lithuania and made it a no-makeup holiday! My way to get readying for holidays is to obsessively research bars and restaurants in the holiday place!

  4. Totally sympathise with the worrying about your weight before holiday comment. I’ve never been worried about my weight until I had a baby and absolutely everyone has a view, comment or something to say. I get excited in looking around what there is to do in the area and making a shortlist for holiday Lucy X

  5. Okay, honestly I used to be obsessed with my weight and I get paranoid after eating a meal. I control my portions too but I was a miserable hag. These days I am much better, I eat what I want, when I want and just double my yoga intensity later. LOL!

  6. ONLY 31%?? What? So the rest of them shouldn’t even be allowed to take their holidays! I’m ridiculously excited as soon as I know I’m about the press the ‘book it now’ button! Once it’s confirmed that the trip is happening I’m like a kid on too much sugar. From shopping, planning, prepping, discussion forums, YouTubing, more shopping, more planning, MORE prepping. It doesn’t stop! For me, the pre-holiday is the first step to the holiday! I even have night before rituals that I go through whenever I’m going away haha! Florida holidays are probably my most fun to plan, I’m always making lists and itineraries! My dad is just as bad, and we have a folder filled with past trips plans haha – that’s either really weird OR really clever, as we can look back on things we’ve already done and get ideas for upcoming trips!

    Sarah 🙂

  7. I totally get excited about my holidays! I am very excited about my 12 day cruise in the summer holiday and also a trip to France. It’s funny thouhg- I was SO not excited about my recent trip to Germany as we were camping and I had a rotten cold- i was really grumpy about it and then it turned out to be brilliant despite the cold, and the rain and the hard ground of camping!!!x

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