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Tesco Haul – Holiday Clothes

Floriday happens in 15 days. WHAAATTT? It seems like only last week we were sat in the travel agents booking it. 6 months later, we’re…

Floriday happens in 15 days. WHAAATTT? It seems like only last week we were sat in the travel agents booking it. 6 months later, we’re a matter of days away from getting on that plane and traveling to the USA. I’ve never been further from home or been on a long haul flight.
Because I’m an idiot, I thought it was 3 weeks away and I had plenty of time to sort my life out. When I found out I had a week less, I went into panic mode. This resulted in me spending £140 at Tesco.
The main thing I bought was a suit case. And 6 bottles of wine (got to take advantage of the 25% off  6 or more bottles offer!). As I wear dresses about 95% of the time, and skirts the rest, I was in need of some shorts and shirts to take with me. I would love to say I am going to wear floral dresses every day in Florida, but I’m not sure how practical it would be going around Disneyland and other theme parks in a dress, so I bagged myself some simple, cheap shirts, a pair of shorts and three swimsuits. I’d love to be able to get my BELLEH out and brave a bikini, but if you think I am walking around with my tubby stomach wobbling all over the place, then, well, you can (politely) suck my dick.
So here is my summer holiday haul from Clothing at Tesco:  
What piece do you like the best?


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I also updated my cycling blog with some new summer cycling clothes I got, so check that out also if you are interested in fitness/cycling etc!
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  1. So jealous you are going to Florida! Hope you have fun! You can always buy some summer clothes in the US when you are there – everything is so cheap!

    My sister has been to Florida twice and loved it – you will get lots of wear from those beautiful swimsuits you bought 🙂

    Away From Blue

    1. I am going to! I’m only taking half a suitcase with the intention of bringing loads of goodies back!

  2. I love those Hawaii shorts! I wish I had them in my life! Also thank you for your lovely comment. I have’t blogged for three months but you have inspired me to write something new 🙂

    Katie xxxx

  3. BELLEH!!!:D I have one too and I love it. I love to cover it with monokins that is.:D Fuck it, those are cute. That read swimsuit is really sexy, babe, I love the bust detailing! And don’t forget to put sunscreen on and take it with you everywhere you go! There’s a chance you’ll stand in lines a lot and that means standing in the open sun. Last year when I went to the States I stood in a line at the Universal Studios in LA for 2 hours. I got toasted as a motherf****.:)

  4. How exciting! Your first ever big trip and to somewhere so great too! I hope you have an amazing time 😀

    I love Teaco clothes, you can find some amazing bargains and they’re good quality too!

    Chloe x

    1. They have got so much better lately! I never used to buy clothes from Tesco but now I do all the time.

  5. Only 15 days!!?I loved the swimming clothes!! they are so beautiful , feminine and vintage . I am sure they fit you amazingly. The t-shirts are very nice too, I loved their prints. Kisses:)

  6. love the paris tee!

    from helen at

    ps. there’s a little $100 jewellery giveaway on my blog if you fancy a look! Click here.

  7. One of the things I miss about living in the UK is cheap shopping for clothes at ASDA and Tesco’s!! there is NO such thing as cheap clothing here! 🙁 Jealous of all your new goodies. Wish I was off on a sunny holiday. Enjoy it!

  8. You’re going to have THE most amazing trip! And you’re right, dresses really don’t work in the parks unless you’re going to wear some little shorties underneath! Florida is like my home away from home, I love it so much, Disney World is my mothership haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. Wow you’ll be going to Disneyworld, I’m SO jealous! 🙂
    Hm I miss Tesco. We don’t have it in Germany, but I’ve been there on my many city trips in the last years and I always found nice basic shirts and other things. I love your “Take me to Paris” Shirt 🙂

  10. My favourite piece is the one in the last two photos. The combination of that lovely floral print and the lace make me swoon. Probably the most important thing for your trip to Florida is one you can hopefully buy quickly after you get there in any pharmacy – some good SPF 40 or 50 sunblock to keep you from getting a blistering peeling bad sunburn. Maybe a good wide-brim straw hat and protective sunnies? My own taste in swimwear wuld probably be difficult to find on my side of the pond (U.S.) – a nice retro style swimsuit – though I think Bonnie Barton of the blog found one somewhere and she’s from NYC. Have a lovely weekend and a fabulous vacay in Florida.

  11. P.S.: I don’t know how much you would inquire of other bloggers about Florida but I just read a post by Fashion blogger Lauren of La Petite Fashionista (about being) Forever a Florida Girl despite currently residing in Wisconsin.

  12. Florida is brilliant and you will love it. You have manage to get some great bits here. The flowery and stripy tops are lovely. I took loads of flip flops which are lovely for walking around not so much on rides, definitely light breathable trainers. Look forward to seeing the adventure via your blog and twitter Lucy x

    1. Yeah, I am going to take some trainers for sure! I’m very excited and hope I can blog while I am there =)

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  14. Ooh love these pieces! The bathing suits are getting me excited for summer 🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time in Florida! Where are you going-the beaches or Disney? Let me know how you like it!
    xo Olivia

  15. this is sooo great, I also have been to the USA in 2010, wish you a great time!
    I did not know what Tesco is, but I absolutely love the stuff that you bought, my favourite piece would be the “take me to Paris” shirt and the shorts! I would buy them straight away!
    Lot of greetings and wish you nice sunday,

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  17. How exciting! I bet the time till your trip will fly by! And I really like the tankini you got–those are always my preferred kind of swimsuits!

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