New Menu at Revolucion de Cuba Leeds


Revolucion De Cuba in Leeds is quite a new place to wine and dine. I went to their first event when they had just opened. This event was much different and was a sample of their new menu.

What I love about Revolucion De Cuba is that it’s different. Most of the food is unique and something I’ve not seen on a menu anywhere else.

Oh, and the guacamole. They make amazing guac.

Let’s talk about cauliflower, shall we? Who knew you could do so much stuff with cauliflower. It turns out that it absorbs flavour so well and they had two amazing veggie dishes using it.

In the tapas section, they have cauliflower wings which are kind of like chicken wings. You wouldn’t be able to tell they’re cauliflower if you didn’t know, they’re delicious. They also had cauliflower steak which was equally as delicious. Again, how can this be cauliflower? Amazing.

Anyway, you can download the new Revolucion De Cuba Menu here and take a look at the pictures yourself 🙂


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Revolucion De Cuba Leeds

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds cauliflour steak

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds vegetarian

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds salad

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds chicken salad

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds sweet nachos

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds chilli sauce

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds elephant cup

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds elephant

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds expresso shot

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds solero cocktail

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds Sales

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